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Cat lost 1kg in weight - concern?

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I took Bruce to the vet today, to get his 'stud tail' looked at (thanks to the guys on this forum for diagnosing it) - it's fine and just a mild case.

I had a suspicion he has lost weight recently, so while I was there I asked the vet to weigh him. He is a Maine Coon aged 2 and 3/4, and is very long bodied so has always been a bity lanky and we are still expecting him to fill out into his body (Maine Coons mature slowly). Anyway, in June he weighed 7.62kg, and today (four months later) he only weighed 6.6kg. That's a weight loss of 1kg, or 15% of his bodyweight.

I told the vet that we have just come back from being away on holiday for 10 days (cats were looked after at home by neighbours), and as Bruce is very bonded with me, the vet didn't seem worried, saying he had probably been pining a bit.

Also, over the summer we had our kitchen redone, involving building work and a lot of disruption for a month - the cats were confined to a room with food, water and litter tray during some days.

Do you think the holiday and the kitchen refit offer a reasonable explanation for Bruce's weight loss? He otherwise seems healthy and the vet was not worried, but losing a kilo in four months when he is still supposed to be growing seems a bit extreme.

They are fed Bozita wet food twice per day, and Royal Canin Sensible twice per day (not quite free fed, as our other cat Sheila is a bit chubby). Bruce has a sensitive stomach, hence the choice of dry food. They are indoor cats.

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I would suggest blood work... that is a HUGE % loss
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I agree that is a huge weight loss and way too much if it was in 10 days depending on how long the construction work was going on
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