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Taking cat for a visit to his new home

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I posted a while back about my daughter moving out and she plans to take 9 year old Mouse with her. At first I was against the idea, believing that at Mouse's age she might have a hard time adjusting. I have come to think that maybe it is a good idea. It will be a big adventure for Mouse, she will make some new friends and perhaps have a better life, as she is afraid of my dog. Daughter truly loves her. My question is this: I suggested that she take Mouse over to the house where they are moving, a few times just to visit, so she can get used to it. My daughter (who knows everything because she is 21) nixed the idea, saying that I just don't understand how cats' minds work. What do you all think about it?
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I agree with your daughter. Sorry! I think it will stress him out big time! May even back fire, making him HATE his new home when he really permanently settles there. They like familiar surroundings and don't like change very much. A move can be stressful and they like time to investigate their surroundings and get comfortable. If Mouse goes there and than gets removed again it will be very confusing and make him feel insecure. Which could lead to all sorts of issues like spraying, not eating, etc.

Sounds like you raised a very smart girl!
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Thanks. What you are saying does make sense. Guess I will drop the suggestion.
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I have to agree that moving him back and forth is a bad idea. He'll be better off to take him once you're ready and just keep him confined to one room in his new house then slowly let him have more space.

Good luck!
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A better suggestion would be to take an old towel or blanket to the new place and leave it for a few days. Then bring it home to the cat so he can become familiar with the smell. Then on moving day, be sure to send something with the current house's scent on it with him to help with the transition.
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I also agree with your daughter, the constant changes are too much for most cats and can bring on stress related illnesses (we deal with them all the time when we bring in cats to the animal shelter).

I also agree with stephanietx about scent exchanging to help with the transition
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