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Groomer at fault?

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Today I took one of my cats in to be lion cut. My normal groomer is gone for 3 months and I took my cat to a new person. The operation *looked* fine, and I wasn't asked to sign any sort of paper. I left him there for 3 hours and went and did some shopping. When I got him home, he was acting all strange. Did a lot of sleeping, not interested in eating and his tongue keeps sticking out of his mouth? He was trembling when he got home and I held him for about an hour wrapped up in a blanket until he calmed down. It is warm outside and inside too. He still hasn't eaten which makes me wonder what actually she did to him to get him to cooperate? I see no visible marks on him, he just is acting off?
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Yikes! I would call them and find out if they medicated him without telling/asking you!!!
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To me it sounds like they gave him some kind of sedation! I was always told that they HAD to inform you if they give your animals some kind of medication. When I had Tiki groomed, they asked me if she would need any sedation and told me that if she's unruly they'll use it on her. Thank God they didn't need it, but at least they warned me about it!

MA, I'm sure you're ticked right now..I know I would be! I can't believe they wouldn't let you know about that if they did drug him. If they gased him, would he still act that way? What you're describing is exactly what Echo did when she had to be sedated when her bum was infected. It just doesn't sound stress related to me...but I'm not a vet...actually quite far from it.
Hope Sandie can give you some answers! Poor lil guy...hope he's ok! Please keep us posted, ok?
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I would be highly ticked!!! They should have you sign a forum if they are going to use any kind of meds on the cats. What if the cat is allergic or something. I would give them a call and find out what they did to the poor baby! Hope the kitty is okay!
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They are not answering their phone it just rings and rings and rings.....
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Do you happen to have the groomer or Vet's home number?

How's the lil guy?
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He is still pretty groggy. I don't see any indication that he was drugged though, no third eyelid, no drooling or anything. He just ate about 1/2 teaspoon of cat food from me.
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There may have been some dog dip residue in the tub. I would be worried too. Make sure to talk to the manager as well as your regular groomer. Was this person standing in for the regular groomer, or a different grooming shop alltogether?

Hope your baby is doing better now.
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When cats get gased, do they act differently than a injectable sedation? None of my cats have ever been gased, so I'm not sure.

So, he's just really groggy? Nothing else? Seems really strange MA...I'd be worried!

Have you gotten a hold of anyone yet?
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How is your kitty today? I hope he is feeling better.
It sounds like they gave him something, but they have to let you know and you have to sign authorizing it.
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I finally got ahold of them! She swears nothing happened- except he fought the bath- well, he is feral after all. I told her if she medicated him, I just needed to know, not to cause problems for her, but for my own peace of mind. She was really offended that I thought she would do that.

He is fine today. He went out with me to feed the horses and is back to normal. I know I will never take him to that place again, and I told her so over the phone. He was acting to strangely.
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I'm glad he's all better today. I know it would have scared me to death if Spike was acting that weird.
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Thank God he's ok! I worried all last night about him! I'm such a worry wart!
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