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Daily Thread HUMP day Oct 21st

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Morning peeps!

Welllllll, its going to be another nice day today. Not as warm but still sunny which I love!

I am going to try and head to the gym tonight..I have been slacking and gained like 5 lbs in the last few months. Ugh.

Nothing much else going on..have a good one everyone!
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Afternoon all

well i was going to have a lazy day in the flat on my own with the monsters but my boss has just been on the phone saying theres a shift going at work so im at work 3pm till 7pm woohoo i love afternoon shifts in the bar so much fun and have a right old laugh.

ITs lovely and cold here its been raining and looks like its going to again oh well typical british weather haha

have a nice day everyone
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I'm still sitting at home dragging my feet a little bit before leaving for work. Thufir woke me up by digging around in the kitchen trash can at about 5:30 this morning, so I had to get up and deal with that. It took me a while to get back to sleep and when the alarm went off a few minutes later, I turned it off and went back to sleep for another hour.

I'll be heading for work after I finish this and brush my teeth. I need to stop by the library and do a little research this morning. We have one at work that's on the way from my car to my office, so I'll stop in there first. After that, more writing. That's going to be the story of my life for the next several months - write, write, write. I made good progress yesterday, so I'm pretty happy with my progress so far. I'm still writing my proposal, but I can lift the parts I'm writing now (literature review) straight into my dissertation, so that feels good.

After I'm done working, I'm going to go by the gym and get a good workout. I'll probably pick up some dinner on the way home and then watch a little TV before bed.
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Overcast but lovely and warm today. I can't believe it is Wednesday already.
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Morning all!!

Still dull and deary here today, looks like we are in for more rain but at least it's not too cold.

Not going to be up to much today, my knee is still acting up. I was hoping it would be better today but no such luck.

The kitties just finished a snack and are now tearing around the house like banshees.

Everyone have a good day
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This week is just flying by! DS is still coughing. We had a horrible nights sleep. Poor baby. Molly was up coughing throughout the night also. I really didn't want to get the depo shot for her asthma but the steroids don't seem to be enough this month At least her BW came back all normal. Cello has been under the weather also. Not sure if it's his gums again or what. When it rains it pours in a multi cat household.

Hopefully I can vacuum today, if not tomorrow.
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Good Morning!
Its going to be about 74 at its high today.The weather cant seem to make up its mind, because it will be 80 in a few days. I have class soon and then I have a midterm tonight!! I havent had much time to sufficiantly study for it as I have no idea what to study for and I have sooo many other midterms to study for! I have Murphee and June Bug with me right now I have been extremely tired lately, like last night in my night class I could not sit still or get comfortable, my eyes were extremely heavy and I had issues keeping them open! If I survive through this week then its a miracle!

I hope everyone has a great day!
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Day #2 of MIL. We're all still alive. About to head out for the afternoon with her. We asked her to eat before we go (she's on a totally different schedule than we are). She asked "would you like me to make you a sandwich for while we're on the road?" "That's so sweet, but no thank you."

She's asked that question five times so far. Anyone going to be she asks again within the net 10 minutes - and we're leaving in 15.
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Morning. I think there was some kind of space-time shift during the night because this morning came way too fast!

I've got a dr. appointment at 11, which will break up the work day a bit, then I'll do my weekly site inspection, then at 4:30 I take Genever to the vet. Then tonight BF gets home from his trip!!

That's all I got for today. Have a good one.....
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Having an all right day. We FINALLY got back our chemistry midterms just now and I didn't do as well as expected.

I got a B, but the thing that makes me mad is I got the hardest problems 100% right. It was the little things that threw me off. And they were all stupid stupid mistakes that I shouldn't have made. I was just so stressed about it I guess I was just focusing on the harder problems and didn't spend enough time looking over the easy ones. So now I have an 87% in the class. Grrrrr. I'm so mad at myself.

Well, the rest of my day is going to be spent watching TV on the couch, soaking in self pity for a bit. Then I think I'll get in the kitchen and make something tastey for dinner.

Hope everybody has a good rest of the day!
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Spent time before work washing the outside of lots of windows on the house then some ironing.

After work we dropped off truck for maintenance type of service and I worked chopping off plants for an hour. We are supposed to have rain every day until Sunday!

Tomorrow I have a spot of grocery shopping then the annual AAUW book sale!!

All the cats are being fairly good. Bender seems really bored however and is a PITA sometimes!
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It's Thursday afternoon here now.

I've had my second to last class for the year (no more classes until March) and my last one is next Wednesday. I've got more assignment due the 5th of November and three exams also that week. I've been plodding around this afternoon but I need to get sme study done.

Kieran's making me hot dogs for tea.
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