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Wilbur is a loudmouth!

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OK, wilbur is a very vocal cat. he CONSTANTLY meows. if i say anything to him, he responds.

I can tell his meows now, and recognize what he wants. but there is a time every day that he drives me crazy and I can't figure out what he needs.

About 3:00am EVERY day he gets into his spaz mode. he sprints across the room, jumps on everything, meows, plays and just basically goes berzerk.

But about 2 hours after that (when he spazzes he immediately goes to sleep when it's over), he starts meowing. and I mean a LOT. he stares at me, giving me the same meow he gives when he wants food. but NOTHING i do shuts him up. I feed him, give him treats, pet him etc, and none of it helps. it lasts about an hour and drives me crazy. if I walk across the room he is right under my feet, meowing the whole way. he rubs on me like crazy.

It bugs me because i know his meows, and I can usually fix what he needs. but when this happens nothing id o helps.

any things I could try?
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Have you tried ignoring him completely?
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oh yeah. lol tried that first
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my mams cat does that so when you work out what he wants let me know she to has tried everything from ignoring him to playing with him, with smooch its like pent up play mode and it just bursts out of him and he goes mental
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I have no ideas but I feel your bewilderment! ReeRee drives me crazy. He is my little energizer bunny and is extremely vocal. Sometimes if I hold him it helps. He has his play and food meow, but his "I want to be held" meow is a bit different. It doesn't keep him from meowing again pretty soon after I let him down though. He is just a chatterbox. If he is awake he is talking and looking for trouble.
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I sleep with a fan next to my head so if Max gets loud and chatty at 3 a.m., I don't hear him and sleep through it.
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