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In desperate need of help!!

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hello everyone:

As most of you know my cat Lucas has Lupus and he is on prednisolone 5mg for the rest of his life. Well, I'm in big trouble because I can't get the pills anywhere, I used to buy them at the pharmacy, but they don't have it anymore, now the vest doesn't have it and I'v checked everywhere with no luck The do have prednisone and they all tell me it is the same thing, but is not, it doesn't help Lucas the same way, and I read that prednisolone is the best choice for cats.

I'm giving lucas prednisolone syrup, but he hates it and I feel like I'm making him suffer too much. I have to give it to him everyday until I'm able to lower his doses, but it is a complete mess. I can't put it in his food because he won't touch it, he knows the smell. He is getting sick too, because he spits the medicine out everytime.

I just need help to find a site online when i can get it. I've searched , but the only place when i can get it online only accept visa and I only have master card and American express.

Please if someone knows where i can buy it online please let me know Thanks in advance.

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call around to a different pharmacy and vets .... is the syrup compounded? if so maybe flavor could be added
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I agree with finding a compounding pharmacy, if possible.

If you can find a reputable source online, you may try getting prepaid cards. Wal-mart's money cards are through Visa and may work (you'll have to look and see if they have that option there). Or you could beg your vet to help order through their supply companies and pay costs+shipping if your vet is understanding.
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Did you try Foster and Smith their site is They have prednisolone. They might take money orders or checks. Is there someone close to you who can order on their card for you? You could call and ask for details.
post #5 of 12 has pred. Good Luck!
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Thank you all, I've talk to all the vest in my area and all the pharmacies and they tell me they don't have it and they can't order it. Some of them tell me that pill is no longer in the market, but that can't be true.

I check in the sites you recomended but they only have one Prednis tabs and it says is for dogs only, I will keep checking to see what i can do.

Thank you all.

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Many times the medications for dogs and cats are the same chemically but the dosages are different because of the animals weight.You might check with your vet to be sure,but a 5 mg tablet might be the same for both,and if you're having an issue with giving him a syrup,a tablet may be the better way to go.I have found that with my kids,it's easier for me to "pill a cat" than give a liquid medicine.No muss,no fuss!I noticed on the kv website,the have the 5 mg tablets of prednisolone,1000 in a bottle for around $39.Maybe food for thought with your vet's approval.
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pills can be specially compounded, so if you are going to go that route, (compounded flavored med) you might as well find a compounding pharmacy that will make the prednisolone pills for you.

Sorry you are having this problem Tamar. It's every special needs pet parent's dreaded nightmare, than the maintenance med will become unavailable.
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Here is what you are looking for:

they do take mastercard:

We accept the following major credit cards. MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover

AND they ship to Puerto Rico
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Thank you all, you've been so helpful!
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I treated one of my cats for lymphoma with injectable predisolone because she fought taking pills or liquids, and she also had heart trouble so we couldn't stress her. We got it from a local compounding pharmacy, and although it was a little expensive, it was worth it.

Giving a cat subcutaneous (rather than intramuscular) injections is very easy. Our vet gave us lessons and we were often able to do it while the cat was eating and she didn't even notice! My vet referred to this as a "drive by."

Because you are aiming under the skin, where there are few nerves, it's more like injecting a fur coat or a sweater than you'd expect if you haven't tried it. It was a million times better than giving oral meds. It takes two seconds.

You might ask your vet (or other area vets) for a compounding pharmacy that can make your prescription. Good luck!

PS: My vet also told me that injecting prednisolone can be more effective than giving it orally. Food for thought....
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That is very interesting, thanks for posting! I too have given sub q shots at home and found it quite simple, even with my arthritic hands. The needle used is very small, a #24 usually, so kitty hardly feels a thing, especially if you can use the scruff.

I had to use the hip because Ootay (rb 5/09) was already getting sub q fluids almost daily in the scruff.

Be sure to keep us updated!
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