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trading spaces?

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Does anyone watch the TV show Trading Spaces?
I do ,I like seeing what color's look good together,but I would not want someone else to decide what color my house is going to be!
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I LOVE Trading Spaces (and Ty )!!!! My boyfriend and I watch it all the time... he wants to be Vern. I was really upset when, while watching TS the other night, there was a male carpenter, who wasn't Ty on there!
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I love that show. I don't watch as much as last year, I'm sad Genevieve(sp?) is gone Who's your favorite designers? I like Vern, but I smile a lot more when Ty is on..ooohlalala! One day last year I was sick and they were having a Trading Spaces marathon on. It played for like 12 hours and I watched episode after episode the whole day. That might be the reason I don't watch it as much anymore, but whenever I'm flipping and it's on I watch.

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love that show. it's one of my favorites.
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My daughter and I are addicted to Trading Spaces and we also like While YOu Were OUt. I didn't know that Genevieve was gone!! boo!

PS. I always like what Vern does, and I also usually like Laurie's work, also Frank pretty much. Edward has grown on me. Hildy scares me!
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I love that show! I usually watch it on Friday evenings since that is when the new shows are on. I too didn't realize Genn was gone. I really like some of Franks work and Vern too. The others are sometimes too if-y for me. I don't like Doug...he doesn't care about the homeowners at all! Laurie is ok at times and I don't care for Hildi or the two new designers.
I watched Fridays episode with the new carpenter. He's cute, but not as hot as Ty! I did like Laurie's room, but would have loved it if that wall wasn't striped. Loved the color of green!
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I love that show too, Im always watching it, even the re runs! I like Verns designs the best I think. They got a new carpenter guy though. I like Ty the best though, hes so funny!! I dont care for While you were out, that blonde girl always looks mad or teed off about something, just dont like that show! Theres one on in the daytime, Surprised by Design that I love to watch with Rebecca and Robert as the designers. They can come up with some really strange stuff sometimes but I like it. I watch HGTV all the time too, Im always re arranging the furniture, almost every week, I drive my husband nuts, but I cant help it!!
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I really like Frank!!!
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I watch the BBC version on the show, the main "characters" are great on there.
I just can't watch the brown haired lady on the American version, she bugs me for some reason. So does the blond designer lady.

BBC rules!
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I love Trading Spaces and the BBC version Changing Rooms. I agree with Amy. I love Laurie, Vern, Frank and the newer guy. Hildie also scares me. Doug really does great with kitchens, but I don't think I'd want him in any other room. The new carpenter was cute, but I like Ty and Amy.

On Changing Rooms I like Laurance and Graham. I like the host of Changing Rooms, better than Trading Spaces.
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All I can say is....

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Love Frank and Vern
Hate Doug and Hildy - do people actually pay them to decorate? Did you see the room Hildy draped in fabric and made it look like the big top at a circus - it was a living room!
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I also love Vern! His designs are always my favorite. Hildy is scary,
does she ever do any work?

I also like While you were out, and their carpenter, I think his name is Andrew, is gorgeous!!
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Trading Spaces is the best! I watch it compulsively(whenever I am around and it is on ). I like most of the designers, Laurie the best, but Hildy does some pretty weird stuff... Like when she covered the bathroom walls with flowers.
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I like trading spaces too! Used to watch it for hours every Saturday. But then they started having mostly reruns and I got bored. But I love it when there are new shows!

Peaches' Mommy
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