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I admit defeat.

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Although I'm a paying member, I just can't get it to accept a graphic over 100 pixels tall, even though the file is only about 15k. Help! What am I doing wrong?
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You can link to it but the upload settings are different than the actual signature rules
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Okay, I have to admit further defeat. I tried just putting in the "direct link" code and hitting Save Signature, rather than uploading... but it did the same thing again, so apparently I don't understand what you mean.

Also tried uploading directly from my computer, rather than from Photobucket. No go.

I seem to recall that I had this trouble once long ago, too, and it turned out that the settings for my account were not right... is that possible, or am I imagining things?
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Are you putting the link to your photohosting site in the right place?

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Ah! Maybe not -- let me see...
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Okay... tried that and nothing changed, so I remade the file itself (to be sure it actually can be larger), tried that every way I could see to try... nothing. Finally, I just uploaded it directly from my computer... same result.

Maybe a tiny signature is my punishment for being dense.
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It is still uploaded to the TCS server which is resizing it for you

Upload the original file to photobucket or whatever (making sure that its resizing options are not checked also)

Enter the [img] link code in the first box under preview signature where it says edit signature and not the signature picture box
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Thanks, Eithne -- I didn't even know resizing options existed on Photobucket, so I'll look for that... trying again!
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Oh my gosh, you did it! Thank you SO MUCH!

The design of this interface makes it needlessly hard to define what box you mean. When you said "the first box under preview signature," I couldn't tell where you were talking about -- there's NOTHING under the words "preview signature!" So I ignored that and referred to your statement about "not the Signature Picture box" instead, and that led me to the right place.

Of course, I realize now that you were referring to the single word "preview" up at the very top... but you see the confusion. The designers of this thing could have used graphics to make it all much clearer, and they could have provided much better onscreen directions to make it foolproof... for fools like me...

Anyway, it's working now! Thank you VERY MUCH, Miss Eithne!
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But now it is too tall (174px) and the file size is too big
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AAAUUUGGGHHHH!!! But see, I can't find any indication of how big it should be -- enlighten me, please?
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Pinned at the top of this forum section
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* Total signature size can't be larger than 30 Kb (30,000 bytes). This also includes any smilies added to a signature.

* The max total height of a signature with NO TEXT is 150 pixels high.

* The max total height of a signature with one line of standard sized text (size 2) is 134 pixels high.

* The max total width of a signature is 640 pixels wide.
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Thanks, you guys... fixing it now. I hope.
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Did I get it? I think I got it!

Why is this so hard for me? Am I the only one?

Anyway... thank you so much for your skill and patience.
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Yep, it changed for me and is within size limits
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