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They're well fed and happy. Then why, why did my 3 youngest boys - Ichi, Ni and San set off on a food robbery rampage???
There was a plate of fried fish on the table covered by another plate. Then as I went down to the kitchen, I saw San ran away with something in his mouth. I saw the plate was moved from its place minus 1 fish. I caught up with San, got the fish back and when I went back to the table, I caught Ichi jumping off with another fish. I shouted NO and Ichi dropped the loot. But then of course, I turn around and there is Ni with another fish.
Good grief!!!!
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I just had something very similar happen to me the other day. I had just fed Sho, and was getting my own dinner ready. He finished his meal, and I had set my dinner on my desk. I forgot my drink so I went back into the kitchen. I returned to see Sho's face in my plate, yank something off it, and hop onto the floor with his loot.

I rushed over to check what he took, and it was a piece of pork. He even hissed at me like I'd take his food. I wasn't about to since he already had his teeth firmly clamped on his stolen piece of pork. It was adorable so I didn't even yell at him. I just let him keep his pork, that silly neko.

By the way, interesting names you gave your kitties. ^^ One, Two, and Three.

And I don't really see a reason for why they do it. They just do. o.O; My Sho will also go through the trash until I catch him in the act, and he'll run off.
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At least they waited until you plated the food for them.. It gets tricky when cats learn how to sneak food out of frying pans.

Btw - Cute names
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LMAO! I remember how our old cat, Alizea, used to steal food off his place, and occasionally off his fork, as he was going to bite! Once she snatched a rib out of his hands, as he was biting it!
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Sorry to laugh, but it's nice to know I'm not alone. I can't tell you how many times I've lost a piece of pizza, or more recently taco meat to Jordan.
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Fluffy knocked a whole pan of meat off the stove and on to the floor. Fortunately it landed on the bottom and only some of it bounced out. The cats had a small feast and I still had most of my burritos. Funny thing, Pepper and Scooter got most of it when they ganged up on Fluffy and chased her away with just a small piece in her mouth, the little stinker.
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But Mom, it's fish!!! I guess it was just irresistible.

Jamie stole poppyseed cake off the kitchen table last week. You'd think DH would have learned not to leave cake on the table after all these years.
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Originally Posted by clowangel View Post
By the way, interesting names you gave your kitties. ^^ One, Two, and Three.
She can always "count" on them to get in trouble.
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That's so funny!

My cat Mo kept running off with any bread he could find...leftover fast food buns, pizza crust, pancakes. He went after anything dough-y.

So cute!
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
She can always "count" on them to get in trouble.
Hahaha! Good one. =)
post #11 of 12 + the math! Too funny!! I have learned our food is never safe with the cats around, especially Gizmo. He is my little Thief. He once pawed a t-bone steak off my plate when I went in the kitchen for a drink. Yeah, I cried (and he ate most of it. The dogs got the rest).

I've learned to cover everything on the stove if I want to have leftovers. Otherwise, once the stove cools down enough to walk on (flat top stove) I have kitties eating out of every pan...shaking their paws off if they happen to be standing on a still warm surface. I swear, you would think these guys are starving!!
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It's always better off of someone else's plate!
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