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meow tv

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Hey, have you all heard of Meow TV? I just read about it in People Magazine. It's a show all about cats on the Oxygen Network. I went to the Oxygen network site and there are some clips and stuff about the show. Watch the clips. There are only two, but the one on neutering is pretty funny. The show is on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

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Ack! I was wondering when it was on.

Could you post a link to the site pleeeeeeease
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Here's the website: http://www.meowtv.com/

I'm excited to watch, it should be pretty funny and educational
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I have seen it once. It was really cute. The cats liked it, too!
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Problem is Zoey is only interested in the TV when SHE wants and it doesnt keep her attention for very long. I must say that she pays attention to it more when I'm watching Animal Planet LOL.
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Animal Planet is always fun to watch with both of mine. They sit on the coffee table and watch. Do you guys think Jeff Corwin is cute? I do but no one else thinks so

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Jeff Corwin LOL that nerd

He's ok! He cracks up me and my bf constantly.
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I know, he's a goofball, but a cutie,that's what's part of the attraction...He's an animal nut just like us!! I think he's more funny than the crocedile hunter sometimes....

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Actually that's a good point, I laugh more when I watch Jeff Corwin
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I wish my cable company carried the Oxygen channel.
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I did see it once, the first episode I think.
It was very cute!
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I've watched it a few times and I think it is really kind of stupid. The host of the show acts like she does not have a brain in her body.
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