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HELP - requirements for flying w/ cat

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Hello, everyone! It's been a while since I posted on this forum. I'm going to be flying with our himie to visit a great friend. While I had already put a reservation spot with the airline, they have not communicated to me any additional requirements.

Can someone let me know their experience flying with cat, in the passenger cabin? Don't I have to demonstrate current vaccination and everything? Who do I show the paperwork too? Do I need a vet to approve paperworks? I'm very confused. The good thing is I do have about a month before traveling.

Thanks, everyone!
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I suggest you call the airline and ask them your questions. People on this site have had various experiences with flying their cats and I don't think there are specific rules across the industry. The last time I flew a cat, the airline I used didn't allow adult cats on the plane, unless it was a mother cat with her kittens. And they didn't ask for any paperwork at all.
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Depends on where you are. I have only flown with small pets within Canada and the only requirement was a soft carrier approved by the airline. Because they were always domestic flights, no vet checks or vaccination records were needed. Internationally though, yes, but like Momofmany said, check with your specific airline.
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I've flown with my cat several times. You definitely want to reserve a spot for your cat ahead of time. Once you get to the airport, check in at the desk and tell them that you have a reservation for your cat. They will usually charge you the pet fee at that time. While the airlines sometimes say on their web site that you need a certification letter from your vet, I have never had anyone ask for that. It may be a good idea to just have your proof of vaccinations with you just in case, but I've never had anyone ask for that either. When you go through security, you take the cat out of its carrier and walk through the metal detector holding your cat. As far as the carrier goes, most of the airlines have the required measurements listed on their web sites, so just make sure your carrier meets those requirements.

Good luck!
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