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My favorite photo of Zeus at the moment:

while doing what he does best, SPYING ON NEIGHBOURS..

my other furbabies: (From left to right: Cain, Xena and Abel)
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Great pictures!
Did you ask your dogs to pose and say cheese? How wonderful they look!
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The doggies look like shepherd crosses, maybe some Rottie and/or Lab. Nice pooches!!

And kitty!!!
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Zeus is very regal, and the dogs are magnificent!
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Excellent shots, Zeus looks like into conquering the neighbor too against mice. The dog trio has lovely faces..
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What a wonderful family you have! Welcome to TCS!!
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Bree likes to spy on the neighbors, too. Sometimes when I'm outside the house, I see her two ears peek out from window inside, and then her eyes peering out. Must be a cat thing!

You know I love Cain 'n Abel 'n (Big Girl!) Xena
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Cute fur-family! takes me forever to get a decent pic of the dogs, never mind one where they're both looking and smiling, lol.
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