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Coyote Issues

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My son & I were out at sunset last night after working on our new cat house (we went so overboard!) we heard the cries of a good sized pack of coyotes... they seemed to be pretty far off but jsut wondered if there were any simply deterents that can be devised to keep these beasts away?

Unfortunately bring them in the house or build a pen is not an option... any thoughts would be great!
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IMO the only sure way to protect your kitties is to keep them inside...
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If there is a pack of coyotes, there is little that you can do, unless you had a large pack of dogs to keep them at bay. We had a neighbor one time that had a single dog penned in his barn. A coyote pack climbed into his pen and tore him up. So even a lone dog can't keep an entire pack away.

But I'm confused by what you are doing. You say that you are building a cat house, but not a pen? What type of cat house are you building?
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I am not sure the truth to this but it may be worth investigating. I have been told that a burrow (donkey) is an effective way to solve coyote problems. Search the web for coyote guard donkey. There is a lot of info regarding how a donkey protects against coyotes. But, I'm not sure of the cost involved. It may not be practical, although it is interesting.

I have coyotes on my land where we hike and plant gardens. My parents have them on their farm. It's almost an unwritten understanding among those I know that all family pets must be kept inside, especially at night.

Cats and small dogs are easy prey for coyotes and I have heard they will even stalk a dog being walked on a leash but usually will not approach because of human presence. Was it Jessica Simpson whose dog was snatched away by a coyote as she watched? They get bolder over time. I guess a lack of food source in a smaller living environment for them and getting used to humans. Only my theory.

As already stated, the only way to keep your pets safe is to keep them indoors. If there are ferals that you care for on your property, maybe an enclosure? For any barn cats that you may have, maybe investigate the burrow suggestion. I hope that at least gave some ideas. Not sure of your situation.
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I live in a rural area with lots of coyotes and foxes, and they present a real danger. All cats, even dumb ones, seem to realize from the smell that this is no dog. They can be sleeping on the couch and suddenly panic and even hide. The smell of coyotes and foxes is quite distinctive. So if they stay in an area that they have an escape where the predators can't get into it will help. If they catch them too far away, then they have to be lucky. The farmers use donkeys all of the time to keep them away from livestock. They supposedly kick at threats to them. I agree that a single dog would not scare off the coyotes, and both the coyotes and foxes use tricks to have the animal chase one or two animals far from help where the rest of the pack is waiting.
The cat's can get under my decks, and are able to get up under the eaves of my garden shed for safety.
Maybe some of that will be helpful
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About the only thing I could imagine would be a small shelter, big enough for all the cats, but with an entrance too small for a coyote. But believe me, it would have to be a pretty small opening!
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Thanks all... the cat house I am making is going to be insulated & will be inside our insulated garage... they are in the enclosed garage every night & alot of the day as they have a cat door that they use... guess we'll just have to hope for the best!
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Originally Posted by catmanmew View Post
Thanks all... the cat house I am making is going to be insulated & will be inside our insulated garage... they are in the enclosed garage every night & alot of the day as they have a cat door that they use... guess we'll just have to hope for the best!
Stop the Presses!!!! there is something that people can do....Coyotes respond well to "marked territory", as do mountain lions - get mature, unneutered ( ) men to "mark territory". you can do it yourself, but guys' urine has a stronger scent. I have 10 acres in prime lion/coyote country. It does work - it's an old cowboy trick. It will also deter deer, which I don't mind, but some people like to see deer in their yard.
If you are shy, just have the markers do it in the dusk. When I took over the property, the coyotes were marking the front doorstep with poop, so I gradually just pee'd further & further away, making sure to pee on any scratch marks, poopies & any other spot that the cats would alert me that had been marked. Since I'm not a guy, I would make sure that my mood was very dominant and was very aware that I was intending to send a message. The coyotes kept moving their trail further & further away, and now their trail is down on BLM land - a happy compromise for all of us.
Please note that it does NOT deter bears or raccoons
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