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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
Auntie, I likely am just missing but is there an answer on the link quoted? I see only a question...
Try this link, Sharky, and just keep scrolling down. Apparently, there were only two responses:

If you're interested, Susan Thixton (The Truth About Pet Food . com) wrote an article about this question and the replies: Is-it-Ethical-for-Veterinarians-to-Recommend-Pet-Foodsl
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Originally Posted by Auntie Crazy View Post
*Very* interesting links.

You know, profits and conflict in interest issues aside, vets have little choice but to sell prescription foods. They are taught that the way to treat some ailments at least in part is with prescription foods. Since they don't receive significant training in nutrition, they wouldn't be able to suggest alternatives to the prescription foods even if they wanted to.

Just a random thought and probably just a different way to say what others have already said...
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Well, yes you're right in a way because they don't get sufficient training. You think they would but since many nutrition courses are sponsored by the same companies producing the prescription foods, why wouldn't a vet school offer these courses?

I just wish vets would do some independent research. Well let me rephrase that. I wish there were long-term studies on all types of pet food, be it kibble, canned, homecooked or raw, low vs high premium brands etc. This may be a little unethical but I've seen some disturbing stuff on how some companies test their foods. If research such as this existed, then maybe more vets would be open to different ways of feeding. I just hate that when I ask, I get nothing but a canned response.
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