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Cats and sponges?

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So, my kitten, Oliver, loves sponges. If I'm using one and turn my back, he'll have it in his mouth, dripping wet or not, growling all the while. He'll run with it for a bit and stop when he thinks he's safely hidden, still growling with it in his mouth. He doesn't hand it over easily.

Yes, I intentionally set this video up because no one could believe it, but I don't encourage this behavior (I found one that he nabbed a week ago, and there were bits taken out of it. I know, bad Dad. ) The sponges are hidden from him now.

I have to admit though, it was cuter than hell while it lasted.

Anyone eles's kitty have a sponge fetish?

Pardon the crappy video, but you get the point.

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Look how quickly he ran away with it! That is so funny. So weird how they are all attracted to such different things.
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