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What breed is my baby Kye ?!?!

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I have had Kye since he was 5 weeks old, I got him from a lady who was part of a rescue organization, she found Kye and his sister abandonded in a parking lot starving. When I adopted him she said he was a Ragdoll, but as he gets older it looks as if he may be part ragdoll and part something else. I just am curious and wanted to see if anyone had any ideas. He has big gorgeous blue eyes, and is slightly cross-eyed.
Thanks for looking
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A ragdoll-mix sounds like a good enough guess.

Nice chap!
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Looks pretty shorthair to me. I would not call him a Ragdoll mix as he's short hair - not a long hair. The coloring is kinda like a Ragdoll, but I would call him a seal lynx point and white domestic shorthair cat - not a breed at all.
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He is beauty, whatever he is!
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Agree with gk.

Your boy is gorgeous
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Awww look at that sweet face, hes beautiful
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Yeah, not a Raggie. Closest thing would be Siamese mix. But I agree with others saying he is a seal lynx colorpoint and white. And a hunka-hunka!!!
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He's handsome! That's what he is.

Want to pet...
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He's a cutie is what he is
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