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Buprenorphine & Clamavox effects?

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I posted this in my other thread but I didn't know if many would see it so I decided to post it here.

When Andy got check out for his urinary issues yesterday, after all the xray and bloodwork stuff, he was prescribed Clamavox and Buprenorphine.

From everything I've read and what the vet said, the Buprenorphine should make him a little dopey, and sleepy. Well I admit he has sat/laid around quite a bit but he hasn't slept much at all. He has not had his morning dose yet because I have been waiting til my friend Aimee [whose cat has had this drug] can tell me how her cat reacted/someone to answer on here/or call the vet. He's sleeping right now but was up practically all night [whereas he usually sleeps].

Is this normal that he's not sleeping since given the Buprenorphine and Clamavox?
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Ok, I admit I did call my vet when I had a similar reaction to Clavamox with my girl - and they said that can happen. My boy also gets friskier after an antibiotic - but they said that was ok, as long as it wasn't a 'frenzied' activity.

After her second dose, she did get a bit sleepier, and I know it upset her tummy a bit after the fifth day. She was getting the liquid form. She wasn't eating much, and at one point vomited what she did eat, which again apparently happens. But, I got almost all of it down her (missed the last day because she absolutely refused it, even using the nice chicken baby food). She perked up very quickly after we got done with the medicine, and apparently it did whatever it was supposed to do, when we went for her check-up.
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Andy seems to have mellowed out a bit and is sleeping and stuff. For the most part he's acting normal, maybe a little dopey but not as bad as the first day.

How long does it take for the Clavamox to full kick in?
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I know my vet stressed to me to finish out the whole course - I did stop a day early, but I called them and asked 'permission', as Dharma had vomited and wasn't eating all that much. She got sleepier the second day and was acting a bit 'slower' than normal for the remaining days - got all perky about 24 hours after we stopped.

With my boy I was able to finish out his whole antibiotic course. Never really seemed to affect him in any way, oddly enough. He's my 'delicate tummy' boy, and we were all good.
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Well I posted this in the other post I made a few days ago too:

He's not going to the bathroom really frequently like before and not straining to pee. He's not licking constantly aftwards either but he still isn't peeing A LOT like usual. He's peeing everytime he goes but its not a whole lot [more than he was this weekend tho].

He's still eating and drinking normally and everything else seems normal.
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As long as nothing changes, and he's eating, peeing and pooing pretty well - I'd give it a few more days, but, before the antibiotics run out, call the vet and give them an update and see what they want you to do. My guy started peeing pretty back to normal about four days into the Baytril. His poo changed a bit, but that was probably due to the food change. My vet didn't mind me call at all - or so she said!
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it sounds like he's doing great on the meds (no nausea/vomiting from the Buprenorphine, etc.) Sometimes Bup. gives an energized effect (because of the pain relief) and they perk up a little before it crashes them out. The biggest thing for people who take Buprenorphine (besides the nausea) is the horrible constipation that can occur. I don't think cats have as much problem that way, but it might affect his poo a little bit.
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