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My boys

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The guys are actually at odds most times. Never anything violent, just those little tug of war type things, like who gets to sleep on daddy's pillow, who gets the tops shelf on the tree, who gets the toy mice rescued from under the stove every other week...

But when the heat lamp is put up for the winter, all is right with the world.

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Oh so cute. I love pics of kittys sleeping.
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Trace, Mischief, and the Hobo all look sooo happy and content. What a great picture, Mike.
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Lovely, lovely pic, Mike. Nothing so peaceful as sleeping kitties.
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Nlow we need pics of the girls!
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I'd be in there cuddled up with them under the heat lamp. Nice photo Mike.
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Awwww! Those are some seriously happy, and warm, kitties!!
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Beautiful pic!
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Wow!!! What a great picture!!
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The look so content.
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Adorable pic Mike
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