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For those of you who are not married - yet!

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If you want to know who it will by your side on your wedding day, this it the way!!!

On the night before June 24 th (which is a special day, we call it "Johns mass"), you should go out and pick 9 sorts of flowers (one of each). From the moment you pick the first one, you must not speak to anyone untill the next morning. After you pick all 9 sorts, go home, put the litle buqet under your pillow - remember, don´t say a word! - And you "will" dream the one you will marry!!!

We Icelanders have a lot of supersticions, and I have been doing this since I was 10 years old, so this will be the twenty-forth time!!!.

Once I heard that the flowers should be wild, so I always go to this place with a lot of wild flowers, and pick one of my 9 most favorite ones.

This is of course very easy here, since it´s bright at night, and when I lived in Scotland it was bright as well, and once when I was in Norway on that day, but when I lived in Germany, this was kindof hard. Luckily I had taken a walk on the day, to find suitable flowers (could not pick them wild there), because when I went to pick them, I couldn´t see anything, so luckily I knew were "my" flowers were!

I have decited to do this untill I am in deed maried, so even though I have an s/o, I´m picking flowers!!!

OH, and I can never remeber my dream the next day! But this is fun, that´s why I do it!

Oh, one more. I heard that the first thing someone says to you on the 24 th, is very significant about the one you will marry, i.e. if you´re gonna sit down on a chair and someone warns your and says "careful, it´s faulty" - then you better watch out and choose your man carefully!
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Very interesting! I think I'd have a REALLY hard time not speaking to anyone until the next day!
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Maybe I should have tried that...interesting!
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Yes, that is hard! That´s why I always go right before going to bed, and preferably others have already gone to bed when I get back!

This place I go to is kinda close to my parents house, but I have to drive for a few minutes from here, so I am alway " afraid" that the cop will stop me, even just to tell me the traffic signals are not working properly... I wouldn´t be able to talk to them!!!
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that is really really neat!!!
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Thats really cool! I'd love to do it...but I cant cause my fiancee calls me everynight. It would be impossible for me to not talk to him . Even if he didnt call...it would be hard to not talk atleast once! LOL.
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I already know who I'm going to marry
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