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Cat Destroying Cords...

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Hey everyone, this problem has been VERY recent.

My cat, Levi, has never destroyed any kind of cord besides headphones... and sad to say, it's happened twice. I definitely learned to keep them out of reach. Anyway, while I was sleeping he chewed my phone charger into 3 pieces! I really don't think he's ever chewed on it before, I take it with me everywhere and there have never been marks or indentations. So I go to work and when I get home my laptop cord is very frayed... still works (but I also need to know what to do about that because it's not safe). Got a new charger for my phone... these two things I can keep out of reach, but I don't know what to do about everything else. My alarm clock cord, my lamp, fan, etc. etc. Anyone have any suggestions???
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There's a bunch of suggestions in these threads for you


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Also don't rule out mouth issues. If his breath smells bad, he could have gingivitus, an abscess working or just bad teeth. They will sometimes chew on anything when they are having problems with their gums or teeth.
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I've found something that works fairly well for headphone cords, but it's time consuming. I've wrapped DH and I's cords with embroidery floss (I have a bunch of it), that allows it to still move unlike covering it with something stiffer. The cats may still paw at it, but that super soft cording that just tempts cats to chew on it is covered. The other alternative is get a cordless set.

You need to replace all of those frayed cords unless you know how to safely splice them. In the future you may try charging the phone and other items in a room that the cats aren't allowed in - since again, some of those smaller cords are hard to cover.
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