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can worms cause this to happen??

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hello, i have a 2 month old kitten i got from a girl when he was about 5 weeks, she told me he was older..about a few days after i got him i noticed a worm crawling out of his butt so i took him to the vet right away. she gave him a oral medication. and she gave me a thing of Revulution i gave that to him a week later. He seemd to be doing fine. But a couple days ago i noticed a worm coming from his butt again so i called the vet and she said thats normal from the meds. But hes been sleeping all the time and seems to be very weak. he even looks thinner. He is eating but not so much as he used too, he not playing anymore at all. Could this be from the worms?
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Let me get this correct. You took him to the vet 2-3 weeks ago? If so, he shouldn't still have worms. You need to take him back to the vet. You also need to be vacuuming everywhere this kitten sleeps and plays, and scrubbing that litter box out to help prevent him from being reinfested (and possibly any other animals in the home, if you have any others).

And yes, worms can make them behave like that - especially in young kittens.

Are you making sure he's getting enough nutrients? - worms will steal them all away from kittens. Since you got him so young he would have needed a kitten formula, such as KMR, added to his wet food to help boost the nutrients until around normal weaning time for a kitten (10-12weeks) - this also helps make young kittens drink enough fluids, something some of them can be a bit bad about. He'll also need a good canned or dry kitten food for several months, as well.
You need to get him putting on weight so he can be a bouncy troublemaking kitten.
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It does sound really serious at this point. Worms CAN kill a cat! He sounds like he is really sick right now. Worms are usually killed off within 2 weeks max! He should be fine by now. I agree about cleaning all the surfaces he sleeps on and the litter box and get him back to the vet...and a different one if this one doesn't think there is a probelm!
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