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Mmmm bugs!

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There was a crane fly in the house tonight - you know those big ugly things that look like huge mosquitoes? The cats LOVE chasing them. So of course Lily and Stumpy were stalking it, but it was too high so they were left chattering at it and stretching as far up the wall as they could.

I lifted Lily up close to it so she could get a closer look, but she was too freaked out about the fact that I was holding her, and didn't notice it was right in front of her nose.

So I lifted Stumpy up to have a look, and BAM! She batted it and it was gone. I said to hubby "where is it??". He said "she just ate it". She batted it straight into her mouth and swallowed it in one mouthful.

So Lily spent the rest of the night on the cat tree staring at the spot where the bug used to be hoping it would reappear. Stumpy was content though
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In this house they have long been known as SNACK!! Everybody loves them, but Shasta especially had a thing for them.
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They are, as you probably know, harmless bugs and very delicate, so they are great cat toys, too!
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The only one here with a thing for bugs is Lil' Jag, especially flies. She has caught and ate a few. The other two - bugs are to watch not chase, smack and eat (Rodents though.........).
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Chasing bugs was the only time that I have ever been able to hold Ophelia without her freaking out. She was SO intent on the moth that it didn't even phase her that I was holding her. Guess she likes moths more than Lily likes crane flies.

Stumpy's a girl who has done her time outside, and she knows you gotta grab the little tasties whenever you can! You go girl!

Sorry Lily didn't get a real chance at the bug, though.
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Heidi that reminds me of a moth that was inside here and the cats chased it until death...... the death of 2 lamps, a vase and a dining room chair knocked over
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Foster boy Archie is the fly killer in my place. He chased one from room to room chattering at it and came back to me with a pleased look in his eyes - chewing!!!
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We call Rosalie the fly hunter, she could spend all day chasing them around and she'd be perfectly content! She caught another one last night, DH was impressed, lol.
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