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What happend to house, I just checked my DVR and its the Yankee game.... i love the Yankees and all... but I want my HOUSE!

Im missing a new episode!!!
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Oh never mind.... its on now 45min late, good thing i found out. otherwise te DVR would have missed it!
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I was a bit worried too. But I guess the game just went to extra innings. Kind of a weird episode.
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Oh no, I bet mine is the same. I hate that!!! There's a new show on (Three Rivers) that my DVR is recording, except there's football or something on earlier so everything is running over by like an hour. Argh.
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I caught a new episode on USA (they show the reruns on Sundays when I can catch it I dont have DVR :o( ) What the heck is going on. Forman fired 13 and Taub quit????? I feel like Im completely out of the loop now. Can someone update me? Also hurray House is going to get his med license back...But from the one I saw Cameron and Chase were all working together soooooo is the old gang coming back?????? I hope so I loved it when it was Forman Chase and Cameron wiht House...
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House's cranky-pants persona has finally gotten to me so I no longer watch it. I started to find it a bit wearing.

I have started watching Flashpoint - love it, especially Hugh Dillon.
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I love Houses attitude. I actually had a doctor like him in real life. He was my OB from when I had my oldest daughter and he was a JERK! I loved him he was and is still by far my favorite doctor and when he switched hospitals I made sure I told all my friends about him and how amazing he is and that if I EVER (which will never happen) had anymore kids I would go back to him! He even delivered my daughter with a broken wrist because he knew that I wanted him to deliver her!
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