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are your kitties good hunters?

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Moe and Neo are, there is never a bug in the house. Snowwhite seems to be training the kittens really well. they all walk around with toy mice in there mouth and they are great at stalking and pouncing on each other
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Trent tries, he really does. He's kinda clumsy though.

Ophelia is the great bug hunter of our house, when she sees a bug that strikes her fancy. I've seen her catch a bug, put it in her mouth, decide it isn't worth it and spit it out!

They are so funny with moths/millers. One of them will catch it, usually Ophelia but Trent has caught a few, and then when the catcher puts it down to bat it, the other will steal it. Then they run to another part of the room, put it down to bat and play with, and the first one will steal it back! They go back and forth like that for a while until (generally) Ophelia gets sick of her moth getting stolen and she eats it.
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Fred is a great hunter. When he went out a lot, he would bring me "presents" daily. Georgia chases the occasional bug, and stalks poor Pearl, but she is pretty clumsy about it. Pearl is too frightened of everything to hunt.
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Zoey caught and ate a spider once for me I really enjoyed that, because I HATE spiders.

She eats the tails off her mice.. does that count.
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Ohhh yeah. Whatever kind of bugs are the bug du jour, I'm sure to find a dead one somewhere.

And up at the cottage, we have an enclosed deck that she's allowed onto. For being declawed () and and indoor kitty, she's surely caught her fair share of mice out there!
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Fluffy is the hunter in the house...she is so funny with stuff...especially with her food..she will get a bite..this is usually with her treats, but anyway, I will give her her treats, and she carries them away to a hiding spot where she thinks Rocky can't see her or is like she is hiding her food from everyone or her big she catches too....
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Pepper is getting good at hunting - he gets mice but luckily doesn't eat them, but he does feast on moths often
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My Indie is scared of anything that moves. He is getting bravier though, today he poked at the TV remote with his paw.
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I'm not sure if Peaches is a good hunter or not. I've never seen her have much opportunity! But I have a feeling she would be a so-so hunter. I tried to get her to attack a moth once but she just laid sprawled out on the coffee table displaying herself and she looked at me like, "are you nuts?"

My daughter, Rachel's, last cat (Kiddy) was an excellent hunter! Mice, birds, flys, spiders, moths...he got it all!

20 years ago I had a long haired tortie who was declawed (not my choice... she came that way) and she was suprisingly an excellent mouser! But she'd just eat their heads and leave the decapitated carcus for me.

Tammie, Mommy to Peaches who says, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful."
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Originally posted by Alcmene
My Indie is scared of anything that moves. He is getting bravier though, today he poked at the TV remote with his paw.
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I think Ivo enjoys the chase and pounce much more than the kill. She doesn't seem to understand the picking up and eating part. She'll chase a fly around the apartment, finally knocking it to the ground, sniff at it a few times (with a few sneezes) and walk away. It's my responsibility to put the fly out of it's misery by flushing it down the toilet.

Although once I did find roach bits (legs and stuff) after Ivo woke me up tearing around the living room at 3 am. Maybe roaches are easier to eat?
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Liberty Bell has brought me in many lizards, and sometimes just the tail because a lizard loses his tail as a defense to get away and it regrows. Freaked me out though because a lizards tail still jumps and moves without the lizard attached, and my cat just played with it forever! Today there was a mama and papa cardinal with babies that just learned to fly, 5 babies, and they were sitting on a roof right next to our house and my cat chirped just like the birds because she was so excited, thankfully the lil birds fly pretty good. But the whole family just sat there for a long time chiroing, I think the lil birds were being told by the parents that that thing is a cat and learning a lesson! Linda
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Lil and Pan are quite the huntresses. Jules and Blondie try, but aren't as good. We had Pan out in the yard this evening on a leash and she was chasing fireflies. Didn't catch any, but it was cute to watch.
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Opie and Rowdy are great bug catchers. I have seen Opie snag a fly, out of the air and catch it between his pads. Buddy will chase a bug and jump and wave his paws at it but he's not much god at hunting.
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No spider, bug or fly is safe in my house. Last week I came home to find a wasp dead on the floor. It looked like his death was very painful, as his wings were totally bent out of shape. Max is a poly and he uses those big paws to bat a fly out of the air and then it's bye-bye fly.
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When i just Had Hoots, bugs were safe in my house. I once had a lady bug living on my window sill for a month before she finaly dissapeared. (i named her Francis)
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My two Ragdolls woke me up a couple of weeks ago at 5:30am while playing with a mouse that they found in my house. The squeeking was unbelievable. They played with it for about 30 minutes before I picked it up and tossed it outside "Good kitties"
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Toes won't touch it unless it's already dead. Tailer hunts bugs--if there's a spider in a room I'll put her in there instead of smashing it (there's something about smashing bugs that I just hate).

I once had a cat that would capture all the bugs in the house and then one morning I had a friend show up from across the country at about 5am. She sat on the couch and I sat on the Persian Carpet and while we were talking my sleep-muddled brain realized there was something wrong with the pattern. Penny had captured and killed a mouse during the night. I calmly walked into the kitchen and grabbed a paper towel and picked up the mouse and put it outside without missing a step. When my friend asked me what was happening I just said, "Oh nothing."
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