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140 is plus sized unless she is 6 ft tall...So yea she was fat for today's standards. Have you seen some of the pin up girls?? They are definitely big if you compare them to America's Next Top Model...
And yea, a size 14 for today's sizing is not just plus sized, that's nearing obese and Marilyn Monroe was definitely not obese she was just curvy.
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Originally Posted by ut0pia View Post
140 is plus sized...So yea she was fat for today's standards. Have you seen some of the pin up girls?? They are definitely big if you compare them to America's Next Top Model...
Umm... boobs have weight. That was were a lot of her's came from, not her waist - she'd be something like an D or E now. At her time of death she was 117lbs. And yes, pinups tend to weigh more than models - professional models tend to, well not have that much on top. Works for clothing but it's not the ratio that most guys find attractive.
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Well she was at a healthy weight there is no doubt about that... Beyonce and Lady Gaga are curvy as well
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Her higher weight still put her at the lower end of a healthy weight. I measure at 37-26-32 (no butt!) and don't look as skinny, yet I'm actually underweight.

Weight really isn't as important as how it's distributed. I'm sure we have some members here that are 140lbs+ and are DDs... that's a lot of weight that is not around the waist. Yet they may be mislead into believing that they're heavy. Those that have those curves, or at least some semblance of a butt, be glad and proud of them. You're normal.
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Personally I think the issue of weightloss is something that desperately needs to be adressed in this country. We are now the fattest country in the world. Children need to be made aware of how important a healthy diet and excersise are, as well as adults. Now obviously most of these diet commercials you see aren't healthy or realistic. And put an emphasis on beauty not health. I think instead we need to start promoting healthy lifestyles. I was in walmart on day and there was a girl probably around 12 or 13 years old holding a box of cupcakes, she was asking her mom if they were healthy or not. That just astounded me that someone her age would not know that. It occured to me there are probably a lot more children who make unhealthy diet choices simply because they have no idea if what they are eatting is healthy or not. I think this is something we need to start teaching in schools. Not dieting, just making healthier choices.
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What I find ironic about them is the small print at the bottom of the screen:

"Results not typical!"

In other words most people who use the plan tend to not do as well. Probably because they have to pay for their own food, and make an effort to go out to meetings or only get counseled on the telephone vs in person like the celebrities. OH and let's not forget the personal trainers which are being paid for either by the diet company or from the money the celebrity is being paid by the diet company.

Busy Mom's and those who work long hours or shift work do not have time to venture out 3 times per week to get weighed or attend meetings or spend 5 hours per day working out in their own personal gym.

I wish these diet companies would take an average person, not a celebrity, on as their spokesperson. Someone with a life that isn't as flexible or rich as a celebrity.
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Addressing the issue of over weight children and teens. It isn't the food, it's the inactivity! When I was a kid, we were NEVER inside. Always running, climbing trees, riding bikes. Now, kids come home, plop in front of a computer or tv. Drive around and see just how many kids you see outside. It's sad. My husband and I met at a horse farm. He baled hay all summer long. Lifting them up on the tractors then again into the loft. You can't find kids to do that anymore. Now around here, farmers leave their hay in the field wraped in plastic. Few teens today would do the work we did. It is a change in society, sadly.
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