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Men are from Mars Women are from Venus!

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Out of curiousity this is just something I was thinking about the other day. Do any of you have preference between male cats or female cats? What personality differences do you notice between your males and females? What personality differences do you notice between any of your cats whether all male female or a mix of both?

GiGi (female) is a PITA at sometimes. She attacks the laundry when Im trying to fold it or put it away. She yowls at the bathroom door to the point where you think shes dying and have to let her in. She also craves more attention than my males. I happen to prefer males more than females because in my life Ive noticed males are a bit more independant and happen to be a little more lay down affectionate compared to the females Ive had who are in your face attentive. But I do like that females seem to be more playful. But this again is just from the pets Ive had growing up and what Ive experianced.

Hercules (male) is a lovey buggy snuggle bug. Hes my baby boy and spoiled rotten. He doesnt like cat treats, not a big toy fan and doesnt particularly care for play time. He is an antagonist towards Fatman and has in your face affection moments. He likes to be rubbed on the head and sounds like a pig when he purrs. Most of the time however he is quite solitary choosing to nap on the kitchen table in the sunlight or sprawled out on my side of the bed. He also loves getting raspberries blown on his belly and when I scritch between his toes!

Fatman (male) he is the biggest cry baby Ive ever met. He yowls when you move him, hates it when you scritch certain parts of his belly (especially his fat sack) he is tempremental moody and constantly changing his behavior. He always has to be around whether on you next to you or right in front of your face. Out of all three he is the most vocal and is not afraid to let you know youve done something to displease him. Fatman is the boss of the house and also knows that he is forever protected by his daddy and is not afraid to tell on any other pets who do something wrong. But out of all the cats he is the best lap cat he just lays there and lets you stroke him from head to tail.

I love all three of my babies though they add something to the mix that the others dont have. I wouldnt trade any of them for the world and I dread the day that I wont have them around. But Im quite interested to hear what the rest of you think or how the dynamics of your house work around your cats and how they act. Also how different your females and males are personality wise!!

Have a great day everyone!
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I definitely prefer males, my boys are all very lovey-dovey and laid-back and behaved My girls are snuggly, but they are also the ones who like to throw hissy-fits and have issues. I have 13 cats, and I do have my favorites- they are all boys don't get me wrong, I love my girls and would do anything for them, but my boys.... they are just the best!
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I've only had one male cat and I chose him for his personality rather than his sex. The one thing I did notice diff about him than all the other cats I had were 1-he was aggressive, not ALL the time, but he did have a temper, although he usually gave warnings before anything but he did get me twice, good enough where I ALMOST went to the hospital for it. 2-could've had something to do with the fact that he was the only male in a house full of females (my mom, her friend, my grandmother, me and my 2 sisters and my 2 daughters) but he was NOT fond of guys. He hated my brother and wasn't overly fond of my DH. I'd get another male in a HB but DH prefers not to have male animals in the house (even our 2 dogs are females).
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I didn't really think I had a preference to one or the other. So I thought! Now that you made me think about it, all my cats AND dogs have only been male. They have all been rescues from shelters and such, but they did stick out to me because of their personalities! Guess I do have a preference!
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Originally Posted by 3CatsN1Dog View Post
She also craves more attention than my males. I happen to prefer males more than females because in my life Ive noticed males are a bit more independant and happen to be a little more lay down affectionate compared to the females Ive had who are in your face attentive. But I do like that females seem to be more playful. But this again is just from the pets Ive had growing up and what Ive experianced.
This is exactly what my experience has been except with the genders reversed!

My boy kitty constantly craves attention and is very annoying if he doesn't get it. He also has become increasingly cranky with each new fur addition to the house. He isn't really aggressive but he can be mean. My friends who have multi-cat households have aggression problems with their males but not the females.

My 3 girls are all sweet and affectionate without being constantly in my face.

I've often thought I would like to have all girl kitties but at the same time I really don't believe personality is tied to gender. My wanting all girl kitties is mostly because of my experience with my current crew.

Boy kitties are far more likely to spray than girl kitties though and I just couldn't handle that.
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I've never really noticed anything boy-ish or girl-ish about my cats.. Just Hobbie-ish or Diesel-y.

I've had three males and four females -
Two really chill females
One really chill male
One cranky cuddlemonster male
One prissy and hissy female
One attention-mongering male
And the jury's still out on Miku.. At seven weeks, most of her personality is based on frolicking and sniffing things.
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Honestly, cats have their own personalities, and gender doesn't really explain the differences. I suppose there are some generalities that are true most of the time. I find that boys are usually cuddlier, and more likely to get along with the other cats. The females are more likely to be prissy and cranky, and may not get along with other female cats. Other than those two things, I think most personality quirks can be chalked up to individual temperment.

Plus I've really only dealt with altered cats, so I can't make any generalizations as to intact cats.
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My boys are naughty but likely just cause their young ... I can handle, cuddle, carry around the boys

the Girls are IMHO more afffectionate yet handling is on a as needed basis , cuddleing on their terms .... they are both semi ferels so obviously they dont act like my domestic boys .... the girls know commands better ( sit , stay , come , off ) with Far less training ...
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Right now there are 5 cats in my house, and I'll give you the breakdown as Foofy cat lady did.

3 females, 2 males
1 on her terms only attention lover girl
1 "Aggressive cuddler" boy
2 very loving and affectionate girls
1 just getting to like being petted boy

Loudmouth is now one of the very laid back and loving girls, but before she got spayed, she was one heck of a trouble maker. She demanded attention constantly, cried ALL THE TIME -- hence her name -- was very destructive to everything in the house, both with claws and spraying, and would switch from "love me" mode to "attack mode" in less than a second for no reason. I think honestly that the cuddly ones are the ones that have been speutered young.
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I have two females (both spayed) with completely different personalities:

Newt: She is a cuddly little lap cat, always wants attention & to sleep on your knee. She loves to play and to be petted. She is the sweetest, most good natured little cat & she is never in a bad mood.

Ripley: She is the boss of the house. She is grumpy, hissy & often mean towards Newt. She's very good at problem solving (working out how to open doors, cupboards, drawers, etc, to get at what she wants) & very vocal. She is affectionate on her terms and when she's in the mood she is very loving but will change her mind in a split second (one minute she's purring away, the next minute she's attacking your hand!).

Wouldn't swap either of them for the world though!
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I have 3 males and 5 females. I haven't found much of a trend between male and female. I think with mine it mostly has to do with age.

1 very aggressive tempermental female (estimated 1-3 years), she is just starting to come around after almost 6 months of having her
1 female (12 years) who keeps to herself and only comes for attention if she is called
1 very docile female (1 year) who isn't fond of attention but doesn't fight some forced petting/cuddling
2 very afftentionate cuddly females (both 4 months)
1 super playful male (4 months) who on occasion likes a good cuddle
1 very affectionate yet easily annoyed male (4 years); he is also very antagonistic toward the other cats
1 male (estimated 1-3 years) who always thinks you are playing when you pet him and hates cuddling but sneaks into bed with you once he thinks you're sleeping
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It's funny, because I've always preferred male dogs and male cats, but now I have more girls than boys. I have noticed, though, that some boys do bother my allergies more, but I don't know if the gender really has anything to do with it, since the dander is the culprit. Of course, if I found the right boy and he bothered me, I'd do everything I could to minimize the issue, because he would not be leaving! Back to the boys vs girls, I have 2 female Schnauzers and 1 male...all fixed. My cats are all girls and they are:
Teya - (Spayed) Miss Queen of the House: She's the boss over everyone. She can be extremely loving and motherly to small kittens, but hateful with older kittens and cats. She can go from the wild girl with those wide eyes and zooming through the house to the calm lap cat. She is my cuddly girl every night. Lights go off, and here she comes.
Sara - (Spayed) Miss Hissy Monster: She's a sweetheart to us, but not to other cats. She hisses and growls at any other cat that gets near her. Out of four girls, she's the only one that is will knead on me and the bed.
Malyka - She's a very laid back kitten. She will play some, but prefers just to be loved on. She goes off by herself some and hides, but then comes back out for attention. She's pretty good about coming out when I call her.
Siana - She's the feisty little wild child. She's still just a baby, so she has the zooming moods frequently. She loves to attack anything that's moving. She's extremely loving, though, when I'm sitting still. She likes to climb up on my shoulder and rub up my neck and cheek. She'll try to groom you, too, if you aren't paying attention.

The two kittens will be spayed as soon as they are old enough and big enough. My vet, who treated Malyka's URI, prefers to wait until a kitten weighs 5lbs, and, especially with her, since her immunity was brought down from the URI and I have no male cats. She weighed 3.46 lbs at the vet, so it won't be much longer. Siana is just tiny, though. She's maybe 7wks old and 1.5 lbs.
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we have one male, a tabby, he is good natured and loving.
we have one female, a turkish van, she is loving also and very intelligent.

we have had good luck with our cats, they have all been good natured.

we prefer female house cats, they seem to do better inside.
our male cat is an outside cat.
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I prefer boys, and I'm not sure why. I didn't chose Monster because he was a boy, when I got him I thought he was a girl. Even though I prefer boys, I love girls too. Both Monster and Mittens are fixed.

Monster, he was SUCH a bad boy when he was a kitten, I can't remember much cuddling then except when we were in bed. I got him neutered when he was older, but still a kitten, I forget how old he was though. He calmed down a lot. He is about 2 years and 8 months old. Since he was neutered, he is a lot more calm and affectionate. He absolutely LOVES people and will greet strangers upon entering our house. He is very confident and well bahaved, very playful.

Mittens is about 6 months younger than Monster and was spayed in Nov. 2007. I'm not sure exactly how she was before then, I worked for her owner. I only saw her certain times during the day, and couldn't spend much time with her. All the time I've known her, she has always been very affectionate with me. She was about 6 months old when she came to me. She wasn't much of a lap cat then, but she always layed with me at that time, since I was injured. Lately, she has become a lap cat, she spends a lot of time on my lap or laying next to me. She follows me around all the time and she is always purring. She loves to play, thinks everything that moves under a blanket or dangles is a toy.
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After having been around some 50+ cats in my life (no, most of them were not mine!), I have noticed a pattern.

Females are more resistant to change and seem much more set into their routines than males are. They often don't like new things/animals in the house. Females can be louder cats... I don't know why this is.
There's myth of "tortitude" that many believe in because their female cats seem to have more of an attitude than their male cats - there's honestly no correlation to fur pattern, only gender.
They can be just as affectionate, but tend to choose it on their own terms. Are often a bit more cautious.

Female kittens can be either way. Either more reserved, but still playful, or annoyingly pushy. Male kittens are often more pushy and play harder - they seem to have a real knack for getting into trouble (serious, off to the vet trouble).

Male cats can push harder, and yes be more aggressive in their play. This is why neutering younger in them makes a difference. Males can be more easily riled up - My male cats have always gotten into that bouncing off the walls (literally) mode of play, yet I haven't had a female cat go quite to that extent. Maybe girls realize racing through the house so fast that they smack into the walls is stupid?
Male cats can be more tolerant to being held and cuddle when it wasn't their idea in the first place.

Communication (to me) wise. My current males always sound whiny, where as the girls sound demanding.

I do prefer males. They tend to get along easier. But that's also overshadowed by being around many female cats that were fussy towards one or more cats in the home. I have a girl now, who is incredibly sweet towards me, but does not like the other cats - she has space issues. If they invade her personal space she complains. The male cats mostly look at her like she's lost her mind and ignore her. I have another outdoor female that could probably give white cat lover's Ophelia Rose a run for her money - except the other cats gender doesn't matter and she does like people.
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