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Originally Posted by LoveWhiskers View Post
What happened to the fourth kitten that you could not trap?
4th kitten did get trapped. We just didn't get him inside at 6 weeks when we got his 3 siblings. We looked for days but couldn't find him! We didn't see him for 2 months (Patches kept him hidden) and so he went invisible to us from 6 weeks until he was like 14 weeks old! We got him trapped and I basically emailed 30+ rescues, found 1 willing to take him in. Did initial vetting/neuter and wrote them a check and they keep in touch with me. I'm basically treating it as a sponsor so I donate to them when I can, since they did this for me. No one else wanted/had resources to take in a 4 month old un-socialized black kitten and my husband at the time was very adamant that we would have no more cats. Between then and now, we somehow came to an agreement take in a feral ADULT! He had a change of heart. Honestly, if this rescue didn't take in the 4th, I don't see how I would've been able to do the Release part of TNR. I probably would've cried and begged to keep kitten #4 inside. Then Patches would probably still be an outside kitty. Or I would beg more and we would have 3. It's interesting to think about.

The screen door will definitely be interesting! It looks like it'll be ~$40 for the actual screen door - not bad.
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Amy? Any thoughts on whether the screen door needs to be reinforced? I know others that have done it haven't needed to... but I don't know Batman.
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Originally Posted by LDG View Post
Amy? Any thoughts on whether the screen door needs to be reinforced? I know others that have done it haven't needed to... but I don't know Batman.
I have found that any really determined cat can find a way thru any screen door. Just ask my Spanky (the appropriately named little rascal).

What some cats will do is dig at the edge of the screen where it is attached to the frame. If the screening material is firmly implanted in the frame, there is usually no issues. I have had to replace the splining material in my patio screen doors with spline that is thicker than what came from the manufacturer. But many wood framed screen doors have a piece of wood that is stapled over the screen into the wood frame, which is far more sturdy than what they put on my metal doors. Spanky also ripped thru the middle of my sun room window screen. That screen was as old as the window (probably 25 years old) and very brittle. I replaced all of those screens with new material and it was fine after that.

Just look at where the screening material attaches to the door and make sure it looks secure to you.

I've become the master screener over the years.
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I figure Batman will try. He's extremely interested in her room. I have put that plastic draft protector stripping on the bottoms of the door - and there is probably literally 2mm exposed where I cut it barely too short. He found that after a week or so and realized he can put his paw there to get his paw under the door. (I bought the stripping in case there was something transmittable - I guess I should just remove it now.)

I was more concerned Patches would claw her way through the screen door. Hmmmmmm. We'll take a careful look at how the screen is attached and go from there. Thanks for the insight!!! I figure Batman would be a corner digger and Patches would go for the middle.

Patches has some very sharp claws. I saw a claw shedding (or whatever you would call it) on the floor the other night - wow. I didn't want to stress her out at the vet and have them trim her nails. Should I ask them to do that on her visit in 2 weeks? Or is that just too much stress on the poor girl? Her next visit will be Frontline and her combo test. I plan on dropping off poo sample day before and just going home after her blood is taken so we're not just sitting in the vet with her freaking out while we get results. Trying to make her visit as stress free as possible.

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Definitely ask them to clip her claws. It'll be stressful for her at the vet anyway, and you want them clipped for any potential screen or Batman interaction.
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In order for Patches to claw at the screen door, she would have to be comfortable enough to want to expose herself out in the open. Frankly, I don't see her doing that right now and wouldn't worry about it. If the screen door was to the outside and not to the rest of your house, then I would worry.

As for trimming claws, I have to pass on answering that one. I don't have it done on mine so don't understand the stress that some cats go thru when its done. If they were to give her a sedative for any reason, then that might be the time to have it done.
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For whatever reason, about two years ago Tuxedo decided he no longer wanted us to clip his claws. Because he's at the vet so often for his hematocrit, we have them clip them. Like Patches, he just tenses up at the vet - doesn't usually lash out or struggle. It's actually less stress on him to have them do it than to have us tackle it here at this point.

I'm also thinking everyone - including Patches - will be happier if she has clipped claws. When they're really long they get caught in things - and I know our other cats are happier when his claws are clipped.

Given that Patches is an older feral, I agree - probably a long road to hoe here (on her being comfortable being out). But if in the next couple of weeks/months intros between Patches and Batman MAY happen, then I think it best to get her claws clipped now.
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Oh, I am so glad to hear the 4th kitten is sound and safe and well taken care of. He must look very much like Batman right? The photo of the three you rescued is absolutely adorable.

I know what you mean about feeling devastated if the rescue did not help; I guess things worked out the way they were supossed to

Yes, we are thinking about the screen door, just have to figure out a plan.

I am no expert with ferals as you know, but I would think it would be a good idea to have her nails clipped. We did that with Sweet Pea when we took him in for everything else. Now of course they are huge...We trim our kitties nails regularly and I forgot until now how long they can get...

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11 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It'll definitely be interesting when the screen door is up. She's a DSH, but she has a thick coat like Batman and since I can't brush her, she does shed a bit. A couple nights now, I've seen some of her shedded hair right by the door. I think that means she either investigates the door after Batman's been pawing around or possibly interacts with him already. (The clumps aren't alarming - just to me indicating she's spending time sitting there or what not.) Interesting!

10 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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She was feral and therefore probably very used to having other cats in her life. I would be surprised if she wasn't intrigued by Batman on the other side of the door!

My intuition tells me that there may be a bit of hissing, then they will settle down with each other quickly. Let's hope it's right!!
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I've got my fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well - it's still 10 days to go.
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8 days!
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Originally Posted by LDG View Post
8 days!

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A week from today!!!!

We should be buying screen door tomorrow (we've scoped it out already - just need to buy).

There was a LOT of fur near the door this morning from Patches. Gosh, I really hope it isn't a health related thing. I hope she's just playing with Batman a lot. I am taking it as a good sign!!!! (I will have vet make sure there isn't another reason why she would be shedding fur - but I think it's because she is probably laying there interacting with Batman under the door and just shedding?) She's a fuzzy girl, maybe it's her winter coat, idunno.

Batman is SO interested in her room, that I have to have my DH hold/distract him when I need to go in her room - or else I risk him running in the room!!

Will keep you all posted and take pictures of screen door when it's set up. I've been reading the other threads about screen doors - we'll see what we rig up.
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I think it's a good idea to let Batman in her room when she's at the vet and the screen door is going up!

...and I suspect she's shedding her Winter coat since she's been inside for a while now - and I'm willing to bet she and Batman are interacting under the door.
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Oh great idea!!!!

Here's the door we got:

Both mornings this weekend, Patches has left her cubby cube to watch me close the door. A little braver than usual - but gosh, she is so darn scared of me. When I put her treats out for her, I can see her tense up. Poor girl. I'm not looking forward to Saturday morning - getting her in the crate. She's been in her cubby cube only lately - so I may have to unfortunately startle her to leave the cubby and hide in carrier. Yikes.

Or maybe I'll get lucky this week and won't have to do that.

6 days!!!!!
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6 days! So - that means she goes in Saturday?

And do you have Bach's Rescue Remedy for pets? And did you ever get the music CD especially for cats?
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Saturday morning!

I have Diane Schneider's Harp of Hope CD. I play it for a bit when I go in to feed/clean and then play it when I'm hanging out with her.

I haven't gotten Rescue Remedy yet. I keep forgetting to check at the store - I may just have to order it online.
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If you need to order it online, this is where it is: http://www.bachflower.com/Pets.htm

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Got woken up very rudely around 4am this morning to very loud banging sounds - Batman messing with her door. Geez!

Patches has been eating much better this week!

Not sure if she's been using her new wooden scratching post we made (untreated cedar). Need to find an actual log when things aren't frozen or wet. I can't imagine how frustrating it must feel if she's NOT using one of the 3 posts in the room. Wouldn't that just feel itchy, if you want to scratch your claws but not sure where to scratch them? Or maybe she is but I just can't tell. She has a wood one, a sisal one, and a carpet one. The sisal one kinda stinks - it's basically "kitten" sized. Batman prefers carpet ones. Just have to figure out what she likes.

Just a few more days before the screen door goes up! It looks pretty sturdy. I'll keep a close eye on it and if someone starts ripping into it somehow, we'll get it re-enforced. I'll make sure things are closed off just in case Patches does get through it somehow.

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Here is hope that sweet Patches will do fine and everything will go well

We only have sisal and wood scratching posts. We used to have carpet covered ones as well but we got rid of them since some of the babies were getting confused why they could scratch the carpet on the post but not the carpet on the floor. Our house is fully carpeted. I noticed you have wooden floors so this may not be a problem in your case...
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It's officially Tuesday so you have 5 more days to go!!

You mentioned waiting for a log to thaw out before you put it in there. Take a wet one from your wood pile and let it dry inside the house on a plastic garbage bag. If Batman will get at it, perhaps put it in a closet or something.
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ooooooo - 5 days!!!!!!

they go by fast!
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Just a few more days now!

Had a little bit of "excitement" last night - probably terror for her. She again was in the middle of the room when I went in - hiding under the coffee table with the blanket draped over it instead of her cubbie cube or carrier - so I just got down low and didn't move, just talked quietly to her and stayed put. I didn't want to walk by her and turn on the music or fiddle with much other than her litter box. A bit of her being out stemmed from the fact that I went in a slightly different time than usual and maybe caught her off guard.

Batman is glued to the door. I have to have my husband hold him or play with him downstairs when I go in and out of the room or else I risk him running in there! It's going to be interesting to see what those 2 do. I guess I'll hear some hissing in the middle of the night.
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I am so hoping that she will learn how great people are from Batman - that usually goes a long - long way! Let's call this - 3 1/2 days!
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Yeah, there's a lot of pressure on Batman We're like "Batman, you have a big role here coming up!" and he'll start chasing his tail around and acting like a goofy kitten.

3 days from now I'll be posting that the screen door is up and Patches is back from the vet and doing well!
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Batman brought another toy to her door today during the day... so cute! (Our birds are in a closed off room - he does not bring toys to that closed off door unless I'm with them for a long time and no one else is home to give him attention... so I really do think he is bringing them to her or whatever he thinks is in the room!)
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Great, we might get 5-8 inches of snow over the next 36 hours.

Hopefully this won't mess up tomorrow's kitty plans.

1.5 days!!!
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I hope not! Hopefully it'll be plowed before it's time to go! We're expecting a foot.

Batman is just too cute! That does sound very promising, I must say!
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