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Got my kitty oates!!!!!

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But I have no idea how to plant it....it says planting instructions are on the web site, but I can't get into the web site..isn't it www.KittyOates.com ? It won't work for me for some reason.....
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Take out the "e" and you're set.

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Kathy? You're using the British version of "oates" or as in Hall and Oates, I'm not sure.

The website is: http://www.kittyoats.com/

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oOOOooOoOooOooOO Oats sound interesting

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OK, I didn't realize there was a British way of spelling it..that is the way I have always spelled it..
anyway, thanks!!
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Well, those Brits add "e"s to the end of lots of words, and "ou" where Americans have shortened it to just "o" (like colour vs color). OK, so maybe it's just us lazy Americans have taken letters out that were meant to be there in the first place.
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I got mine too. Thanks Ginger!
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Yay! I am glad everyone is receiving their Kitty Oats. If you have any questions, please ask them here.

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Thanks, Ginger - mine came today. Since the catnip died, I have a good large pot and Bill is going to give it a try. The only things that I can grow is kids and cats!
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Got mine! Thanks so much Ginger, I can't wait to try them and Pepper is excited also!
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All I need is a pot and some potting soil....Will do that this weekend...
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I hope everyone's kitty's enjoy the oats( as we say in NZ ) and colour BUT I spell it color

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Got mine too! Thank you so much Ginger!
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