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Hey everyone most of you that have known here know i have two very picky cats but for mnoths now simbas been happy to eat more healthy food such as hi life, tesco luxury !

Missy still the fuss pot I can't get her to eat much wet food, She will eat whiskas oh so fishy at a push but turns her nose up sometimes. There was something she liked from asda called Tiger select it was 70% fish in cans, but they don't seem to stock it anymore, just the pouches which only say 4 %

Such a shame i found something that worked I can't seem to get hold of!

Is there a pate type of food I can get hold of in the UK, i've tried Bozita but she doesn't seem that keen on it, she really loves mushy food little jelly as possible

It worrys me because the dry food she will only eat is Purina Pro plan, Or hills natures best, I dont think theres much difference in the quality of these foods, But I sneak some of pets at homes purely its 70% chicken I can't find it on there website its like this link but has a much higher meat content
I mix this with pro plan in the bag, the bags mostly purely its the same sort of shapes as pro plan with the scent of the purina she really enjoys it.
Is that helping her in some way?

I'd love to hear some wet food suggestions I might of missed that are that pate soft texture it would be wonderful, id really appriciate it thank you
my love to everyone! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx