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Daily Thread Monday October 19th

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Morning cat peeps!

Its going to be a balmy 11 degrees today and sunny...very exciting! I like when winter holds off

Headin to work in a bit. Josh has this week off for exams so he is sleeping in...bugger!

Going to try to head to the gym after work although I don't know how motivated I will be because hubby will be home. all have a good one!
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I'm working from home today - I have someone coming out to repair my fireplace later this morning. It's supposed to be 70 degrees here today so I'm going to open all the windows and let the breezes come thru, probably for the last time until spring.
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It felt almost like Winter this morning. It was about 33 degrees out and I had to scrape the frost off my windshield. Tiny ate her breakfast and then promptly crawled back in to bed. I think she was just rubbing it in.

Inside, it was about 63 this morning. Cool, but not quite cool enough for me to flip the heater on. The high is supposed to be 60 today and up into the 70's for the rest of the week. I guess that will put off the need for the heater 1 more week and give the kitties a few more days with the windows open before they get closed for 4-5 months straight.

I'll be working on my dissertation proposal all day today and then heading to the gym after work. I'll watch a bit of TV tonight and/or read when I get home then try to get to be early for tomorrow.
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Nice sunny day here. I don't think the weather is going to hold though.
Just off to work soon, nothing planned for after.
Have a good day everyone!
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Morning everyone!
Not much here this morning. Woke up to both cats sleeping on me so I suspect it got cold last night. I'm working late tonight to cover so special events, so it's going to be a long week.

That's about it...just another uneventful MOnday.

Hope everyone has a good one.
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Morning All!!!

Sunny and not quite so chilly here today.

Nothing much plan, have a few phone calls to make today but other then that just going to putter around the house.

The kitties are bird watching..

Everyone have a great day
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Morning. Cloudy here so far and coolish but not bad. Yesterday it was cloudy all day. But the day before it was FOGGY/misty all day. Eerie.

BF will be on his way to Oklahoma in a few hours til Wednesday.. boo.

At work now, was going to meet a friend at a brewpub to watch the Broncos-Chargers game tonight but then I remembered it's baseball playoffs so it'll be full of baseball fans and most TVs will be that game rather than football. So I might just rather stay home.

Yep, excitement abounds today!

Have a good Monday everyone!
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Sounds like kinda quiet, lovely days all around!

There was frost all over everthing this morning, but it is always so gorgeous when the lake has mist rising off of it... how magical everything can be now - how amazing it must have been before all of our buidings and roads.

Gary's mom arrives tomorrow. Love her to bits, but a week is more than enough time. They are so much alike they drive each other completely nuts. I do my best not to get stuck in the middle....

It's sunny (finally!) again - and mid-50s right now, so gonna go mow the lawn on her site (she's staying in a cute trailer that belongs to a friend - it's parked in the site right next to us). Got flowers - inside and out - little halloween decorations around... fully stocked cupboards and fridge.... her favorite sweets LOL. ...and lots of blankets all over the place. It's still in the 30s at night these days, despite warming up during the day.
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Foggy, dreary and cool this am and very VERY noisy. When the fog lifted a bit, I discovered I have about 80 acres of snow geese - could hear them but had no idea where they were, fog makes sounds seem odd, distant and multidirectional so it was quite a surprise to see 80 acres of geese right by the yard. The racket makes the horses nervous and sent them running madly, and it makes the cats timid - even the wildest of them stuck close to me this morning and again now when I went to fill the water trough. I cannot even begin to describe the noise that several thousand geese make - simply put, snow geese shriek, they do not honk like normal geese, and it is constant and very loud, much louder than Canada geese. And to make it worse, they don't move about in bitty sensible flocks like Canadas either, but they almost swarm - flocks of thousands, even tens of thousands. They are destructive as well - they trample everything they walk on, make the ground very hard, and slick with goose poop, oh yeah and they STINK. If I can find it, will post a link to the sound files of that horrible racket.
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