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What's YOUR Nickname?

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Hey Guys!

We have had kittynicknames BUT never yours.

So lets shoot, I get called. Sam,Sammy,Nigel & Sam-a-lam-a-ding-dong

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Ady, Adymarie, lemonady, ladyady, gutter queen (it is a bowlng thing), and crazy cat lady

Ady is pronounced like the letters A and D
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Hi Ady!

I always thought your name was said Add-e .. oOoOOps

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Well, Christy is a nickname, since my name is really Christine. I also have been called Chris, Crusty (by my wonderful younger brother), Christy-o, Christy-girl, C H O K (each letter pronounced separately-my boss is weird), and Sweets (by Dad )
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Well, my real name is Jennifer so I suppose Jenn is a nickname, though I don't even answer to Jennifer because I'm so used to being called Jenn. But my best friend's name is Jenn as well, so people started calling me Bobette (lol, i don't know where it came from!) in seventh grade and it seemed to stick. I used to go by a combination of my first and middle name, Jenni-Lynn, but I ditched that in third grade.
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I dont like nicknames. Christine. Dont call me Chris, dont call me Christina, Christy etc etc. *shrug* lol.
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Mary Kay is what alot of friends call me since my full name is Mary Kathryn.....Kathy is my actual nick name and my parents always stuck with that instead of Mary Kathryn...
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Blondiecat, Blondie, Kitten or KitKat. 99.9% time I am called Blondiecat.
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My dad used to call mt kiddo!Other than that no.
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Val by everyone, pookie, sweetie, and mommy cat or mommy meow (by hubby)
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My actual name is Michelle, but a lot of people just call me Shell. I can't stand the name Shelly and that's why my folks called me when I was little. Once in a great while someone in my family will slip up and call me that, but they all know better.

Other than Shell, I've been called Skippy and ShellBert. I think those names came from long nights of drinking! I've been called many other names, but I wouldn't consider them nicknames!
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Shell, i have an older sister named Michelle too but we call her Mich for short..sounding like Mish....that is just what we have always called her...
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LOL shell I could have listed a few I have been called!But I am a pastor's wife!!
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I've had a few in my lifetime. When I was a little girl my siblings and I all made up nick names for each other and mine was Fanny Farmer. Then when I was in Junior High I was called Stubs because I've got these short little fat thumbs. LOL. When my oldest sister got married, my brother in law would sometimes call me Tammy Whynot. At work I'm called the clone queen (because I clone human DNA for discovery purposes... don't worry, we don't use animals and we're not trying to clone a whole person!) This last nick name you need a little back ground on if you don't know me. I'm married to an Iraqi (recently seperated) and he came to work with me one Saturday and helped me a bit. After that he started calling me "Chemical Tammie." I guess it's kind of sick humor but if you don't have humor, what have you?! (Chemical Ali was a nick name for one of Saddam's relatives who was in charge of the chemical weapons program in Iraq for years. He committed many attocities.) Don't worry about it, I got back at him! Whenever I felt he was being a little too narrow minded I'd smile and say, "Ok Saddam." He'd crack up every time! I gotta admit. At least the man has a sense of humor.
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My little sister couldn't say Teresa it came out TC and THAT stuck for ever!!!! Only family members call me that now.
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Family members call me Angel ... from the time I was born til now (and I'm 32!). I used to work in a police organization, so they used my last name. At work nowadays I'm called A and other times Ang. But, NEVER Angie. No way, no how.

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Well....I go by Gothic Amethyst because black and purple are my favorite colors. 'Gothic' because I like gothic culture and consider myself goth;and the 'Amethyst' is because I LOVE purple and I have wanted to be a geologist since I was a small child.

My Fiancee calls me Angel. (I'm not 100% sure why...but I love it so it doesnt really matter). The only downside is he calls me by my nickname more than by my real name Amber. LOL Oh well..*sigh* I love him anyway

Im about 5'3/5'4 and in a prayer circle in high school I was called 'Dip'. Reason being is my friends said I was the shortest person in the circle and like a "dip in the line" you know..like a dip in the road. My friends were wierd..LOL. Too bad I graduated..Lol I kinda miss the wierdness.
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I've never really had many nicknames...Shorty is one that gets used sometimes since I'm 5'1....My dad calls me Pumpkin..Oh, and my boyfriend calls me a nutbag in reference to my cat obsession (I shouldn't have told him about that Do Cats's See Spirits thread,becuase now, whenever one of the cats are staring he sarcastically say, "oh look there's another spirit") other than that everyone just calls me Heather
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Man I have been called lots! Pam rhymes with too much stuff! lol I was called Pammy (not until recently and only certain ppl, not EVERYONE can call me that and get away with it!), Spaminator, Spammy, Spam, Lady Jane (my brother came up with that one....don't know where really! Maybe a spinoff of my relatives nicknames!), PJ (even though my initials are PL not PJ), Pamela Jane, Pam 2, Manitoba Pam (these last two are NS ones! lol) and probably a few other ones. There is a way certain ppl pronounce my name that sounds cool. I know I know, you're thinking, how many ways can you really pronounce "Pam"???? But seriously, there are little area accents that make it sound just a little tiny bit different! Anyways, those are my nicknames!
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I don't really have a nickname. Nora can't be shortened, except some people call me Norm. My dad's name is Norman and I am named after him. There was a teacher in high school that used to call me "Storming Norman" - I guess because I can be quite pasionate about what I believe in.
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Dad always called me Monkey. Friends have called me Erie, Rickie, Eric. I had a boyfriend that called me his princess. I have an ex who called me Egg, E, Dolly, and Boutros (long story). My hubby calls me (and everyone else he loves) Babe.
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M.A. Mother Mary--- Mad MA--- SPCB (small powerful child bride) My dad still calls me Sweetheart... When I was really fat everyone called me Mary Moose-
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Shell--I had a roommate in college name Michelle and she went by Schell (it was sch because we spoke German and studied German). I love that name.

I also forgot that my cousins (and my Grandma still occasionally does this) used to call me Erkuhz. It comes from when they'd get into things at my Grandma's house she'd tell them, "No, that's Ericka's." and it just morphed from there when they were little.

I also had a friend who called me Eel because those used to be my initials when I was single.
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Oh, M.A. "Mary Moose" that is just cruel. I'm sorry people were so mean to you.
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well, Marcy's a nickname, since my real name is Marceline. I've also been called Mars, Myste (pronounced Mist), and my dad calls me punkin.
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MA~ I get called Mother Mary alot too, because I always tend to be so motherly to everyone....and they don't even have to be my child..
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I don't think I have many - TamTam I get a lot from Darrell, also tam-a-lots, poo-bum , I get Tam at work... That's it I think.
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For the record, my boyfriend can call me anything he wants
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i've gotten a lot of anna-banana/annie-banany in my life..
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