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Flea control: Bio-Spot vs TriForce

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Has any one used either of these products:
and if so, which worked better? Any advice?
I don't want to do frontline or advantage, they are just too expensive and I haven't had good luck with either for our dogs so I would rather something else for my cat. She's itchy. I have only seen one flea on her face once, but she does have considerable flea dirt in her coat.
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Neither. I'm glad you asked before buying. Please don't risk your cat's health or life on cheap OTC flea medications. Advantage, Frontline and Revolution are the only monthly flea treatments that are safe for your cat.
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I can't find much information about Triforce online, other than it's one the EPA list. Maybe that's a newer one?

If Advantage and Frontline haven't worked, try Revolution. You'll also need to make sure you treat your home and keep all of your animals threated regularly. Chances are the treatments have worked in the past, but your pets are getting reinfested. You probably don't have any "off" season for fleas like those who have winters do, so that makes it a little more difficult to control them.

I hope you're using a heartworm preventative for your dogs, and you may want to even consider it for your cats, too. These can be combined with treatments for worms, fleas, and ticks.
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Discuss this with your vet... for me I found a TRULY safe OTC but I also live in a very MILD area for fleas and low for ticks ... Remember OTC stuff is not as tested as the RX stuff and can be more risky ... IMHO too risky , when I used chemical( ie not naturally derived) I used frontline due to it NOT being found in the bloodstream of the animal treated

Triforce is a newer OTC avail at many feed stores it is just IMHO as Dangerous as Bio spot ...

Many on here in various areas use diatomeceous earth to control the carpet and outside fleas and ticks
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On heartworms: Used to be all our dogs had them, but were kept at bay. Now none of them do, as the ones that did passed away at ripe old ages. They are at my parent's home, the cat is at my apartment at college.
And yes, the property at home is simply infested. But the dogs have free run on 300+ acres, so it's hard to treat all of that, especially with the cows and horses and such.
I'll look more into other treatments and such for the cat. Of the three that yall recommend, which seems to have the best results?
And my vet is an old school country guy who would probably just tell me to get the cheapest one.
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I like the original Frontline TopSpot, not the newer one Frontline Plus. I usually catch it on sale at Since I live in Wisconsin, and the cats are indoor only; we only treat them during the warm months.
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