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Ideas for setback in inappropriate peeing?

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I adopted a 1 y/o neutered cat from the shelter in late August. He had a bad cold, and immediately went on antibiotics.

We have 3 other male cats, and already had 3 Tidy Cats breeze litter boxes (which we loved) in an upstairs bathroom and bathtub (the "cat room" ). We introduced the new one, Dexter, to the boxes and watched him use them. During the first day or two, we watched Dexter wander around downstairs crying and scratching at the walls wondering what he was doing until he finally went over and peed on a dog bed. Once we realized he was looking for a litter box, we moved one into a downstairs bathroom and everything was fine and dandy. The 3 other cats didn't use the box downstairs, so he had this one pretty much to himself.

Two weeks later, we went out of town overnight and came back to find that Dexter had peed on the bed. We have kept the door to the bedroom closed, but for the next week or so, he peed on the bed in the cat room (which quickly had just a waterproof cover and a sheet on it) or the couch at what seemed like every opportunity. Strangely, I also noted him happily using the boxes to pee in during this time as well.

We took him to the vet and had a urinalysis done, which came back clean. While we were waiting on the results, we confined Dexter to the downstairs bathroom except for short periods of very supervised time out. After about two weeks or so of not peeing in the breeze box very often, we bought a regular box and cat attract litter. He took to that like a fish to water, so he gained privileges to stay out longer and longer.

We bought a giant rubbermaid tub to put in the bathtub and filled it with the cat attract litter. He got to be 100% using the box with no accidents, and staying out all the time.

Yesterday, we opened the door to the bedroom, and found the bed peed on again. We thought it may have been a fluke since that's the first time that room has been open since the original pee. However, this morning we got up to find the couch peed on.

I'm very stumped now. It seems that he just wanted normal litter instead of pellets, and used that very well for quite a while. I'm out of ideas as to what to change?
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maybe he's one of those picky cats that won't go onto a litter box thats already been used? In this case you could either put up more boxes for him to use or start clearing out his box more often.

How's his relationship with the other 3 boys?


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The boxes are cleaned about 4 times a day. I've never noticed him turn his nose up at any of the boxes after entering.

Though they were not thrilled at first, he gets along great now with everyone else. I've never seen any of them every interrupt another at the litter box, so I wouldn't suspect that to be the problem.
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When they pee on soft items, it is generally stress related. Most of this makes sense to me that he is responding to even small changes in his routine. Plus, if you don't get the urine out of the bedclothes completely, he will pee about every three days on the exact same spot. There is a stuck thread in this very forum on this topic and it is quite complete.
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I forgot to mention that everything is washed/cleaned in vingear and Nature's Miracle (cat formula).
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I tend to agree with Hissy that this may be stress related. Your new cat may not be entirely settled into your home, and any minor change in routine can throw him off. Any even though your new cat is the suspect in all of this, have you actually seen him pee on the soft items, or could it be one of the others in response to the new cat?

If this were my house, I would first confirm which cat is doing it, look for a health issue with that cat, but also look closely at the other cats in the house to make sure they were all healthy. Sometimes an illness in one cat can trigger this sort of behavior in others. When my Muddy's bladder issues flare up, there are other cats that smell the illness in him and can pee out of the box.

After ruling out health issues, I then turn to their behavior. Here, it usually doesn't take much than restoring their daily routine and giving them a bit more attention thru play or cuddling for a few days.
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I'd be suspect of one of the other cats, had I not seen the new one pee multiple times, multiple places.

I was getting dressed for work one night and Dexter walked to the end of the bed to say hello like he normally does. After a few seconds, I thought he looked like he was squatting, picked him up, and yes in fact he was peeing on the bed...right in front of me.
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