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cat waking me up at night!!!! several times!!!

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I cant take this anymore.

At first it was cute when he did it in the morning and I had to get up anyway - knocking things off my desk - swatting at the leaves on my fake tree - but 2 and 4 in the morning??

I could move things around but then he'll just climb on my bed and pull my hair...

I wrote elsewhere that he is eating A LOT more. Im trying SOOO hard to not over feed him. he is eating royal canin (i wrote CD before as a mistake) for urine crystals - which has worked great for that issue. But in the last month he's just been out of control. And he is HUGE!!!

I did just order him a ball that he has to push around to get hte food. I hope that works...

but are theyre any other options just to get him to leave me alone while sleeping!!! One night I went to the kitchen and THERE WAS FOOD IN HIS DISH!!!!!!! man was I pissed.

would another companion be a wise decision? I have a dog - but they rarely play. My cat is also a biter - I can pet him for a few seconds before he wants to grab my hand, pull it to his mouth and hold on tight.

THANKS FOR ANY HELP!! I love him but losing sleep.....
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Ricky Bobby did that to me when I first got him, around 6 months of age. He grew out of it rather quickly so I don't have too much advice. Is there any way you can close the door, depending on the cat, he'll meow for a couple of days but should get used to it. That's what we did with Ricky Bobby, closed the door at night and left him out of the bedroom, just for about 3 weeks. then we started leaving the door open and he wouldn't bug as, maybe 1 a week compared to every night. Another key thing is, don't get up when he does it. It's only getting him used to you getting up for him when he does things in your room. So now when he's bored or wants attention, he has a connection with making noise, to you getting out of bed. Cats rarely do that because they're hungry, if you know he had food and water before you went to sleep, there's really no reason to get out of bed. Try your best to ignore it. Well, that's just what worked for us. I'm sure others will have more advice. Hopefully it's just something he has to learn through, like Ricky bobby, and it'll pass with a little bit of work. I know it really sucks to have a cat wake you up at 2 am for nothing.
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Once i wake up i do try to ignore him and he either keeps it going - tries something else OR leaves to come back later and do it again. I have to say - it is cute BUT i can only say that now after 2 cups of coffee.

Shutting the door.... i dont know that he would be able to deal with that either. My door is always open 24/7 and so shutting it at any point would be a huge issue for him and I know he wouldnt let that go without a fit.

Could another cat distract him or just possibly lead to TWO cats waking me up at night?

thanks again...
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last night I just left out more food - some was still there this morning - so hes not eating ALL he can...

but he did wake me up once with the tree branches...

So I guess your right - he is just bored. Thing is... i actually do play with him at night. Hes just not much of a player...

Ive bought sooo many toys and almost all go back to the store after a week.

At least i know his problem now... maybe a new cat is the answer..

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