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Cat terrified of dog :(

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I have 2 dogs (1 border collie, 1 borzoi) and 2 cats (big fluffy aged maine coon rescues). The borzoi is the latest addition and is now almost 7 months old. Orange cat has no problems with either dogs and they frequently all nap in a pile together. My dogs are VERY considerate of cats (despite what you would assume from their breeds) but the puppy does romp the house sometimes and will blast into the cat room and then blast out.
Mackerel cat is terrified of the borzoi to the point i'm considering finding a little old lady to love him. Mackerel cat has never been quite right in the head; I adopted him as a senior and he's had a history of weirdnesses. At first he would panick if i was sleeping (his previous owner died), then he started wandering the house moaning saying words (v strange), a few months later he's humping the air at random times. Lately he's decided that banging on the cat room door in the morning is cool. I've always catered to his needs, and we've conquered 90% of what's written above, but he's still phobic of the puppy.
In this huge 4 bedroom house he rarely leaves his room, even if the puppy is crated and on a different floor. I feel so bad for him, like he can't feel comfortable in his own home. He has zero interest in conquering his fear of the dog, and he breaks my heart voluntarily imprisoning himself like that.
I'm open to suggestions on how to help him. I want to keep rehoming him as a last resort, but I am open to that as an option as well if it means he can be happy and comfortable.
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Mackerel's reaction to a boisterous puppy is not unusual. As long as he has a safe place to run to in time of stress, I don't think things are too bad for him.
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