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What word do you use to refer to a feline?

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I used to refer to feline creatures as a cat or cats. However, women frequently refer to a cat as a "kitty". To me, it's always been said with such love and adoration that I've adopted the word myself too. It doesn't matter if the cat is a kitten or an adult. I most often say kitty, as if that word can't be worn out.

It's a bit silly, but I think the word has been elevated to such a status that you can put it in front of almost any word and it will have a catchy ring to it. For example, when I visit my sister and her cat, (I still use that word sometimes ) I say that I'm coming over for some "kitty time". If her cat is sleeping then I say she's having a "kitty nap".

It kind of reminds me of The Smurfs the way the cartoon writers started using the word "smurfy" in front of everything. So... if I was being silly like that, I would probably say something like: Can you pass me the "kitty wrench"? Do you use the word kitty in front of anything to make it sound catchy? Can you think of any new ones? Post them here for fun.
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I have to say other because it depends upon my mood and what cat I'm talking about. Mostly I use cat, but I will use kitty talking about my babies. I also use the word Katze (which is cat in German) or Kaetzchen (the diminuative) because I speak German to my cats. I speak German to all my animals, but not exclusively.
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I use kitty. I like it so much more than cat. Kitty-cat is just too long and the others I don't like at all.
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I normally use cat or kitty...or monster
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De[pends on why I'm talking to them. If they've done something wrong, I usually say CAT!, if not I use Kitty. Sometimes Miss Kitty.

I usually say cat or cats when I'm talking about them. Unless it's one of my friends who are "Kitty Aunts" to the felines.
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When I'm talking to the cats, they are still my kittens or my babies.

Generally speaking, I use "kitty" unless I'm talking to a non-cat person (or I don't know if they are a cat-person) and then it's "cat".

I never use the "P" word for felines. It's been ingrained in my mind to mean something else, and I don't like that word for that purpose.
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They're my kitties.

They also get called my little boys and/or little girls, and my kids.

I also like the term "furkids"

I agree with Princess Purr, there are times they get called "monsters"! (amd sometimes "beasts")
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kits, furkids, furballs, purr-balls, purr-babies. I use lots of non-standard ones. Usually purr-balls or kits.
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I use kitty 99.8% of the time. My cats have always been like my babies and so kitty fits! Also, "kitty" is kind of a playful and/or childlike word, which makes sense for a feline!

Tammie, Mom of Peaches
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Cool Thread

I use Pussy-cat mostly!

and then kitty & cat and furbabies
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I keep it simple.....cat.
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I say kitties or furbabies...event hough they are little babies anymore.....
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I call them Kitties only when referring to them in conversations. The boys don't know what Kitty is.

All I do to call them is say their name and "Come here" and they will come a running.
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i most of the time call them kitties, some times i call them fury friends and fur balls, or if im talking to my frinds i call them little guys, most of them are moms to kittens.
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I usually say "Kitty Babies"
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