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Will this ever be over?

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My ex's mom called me, 2 days ago.
I have not spoken to this woman in years, and she hated me then. I am afraid of her, she is Judge Judy.
It meant he was either dead, or in in jail. Again (jail)
He is in jail his 5th DUI.
He skipped town and she though he was with me, oh my god. I have not been with this man since, well since I gained a brain!
Why am I a fall back whimp, I am not!
This man will never leave me, I hate this!
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Do you have caller ID? I would simply not take any more calls from her. Ever. the ex is not your responsibility nor is his mother.

Sorry you're dealing with this. Cut them out. Put them in a box and throw them away. Bletch.
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Unless you have minor children together, there is absolutely no reason for him or his family to contact you. If you don't have children with him, change your phone number and have it unlisted. You could also get a restraining order if you think it's warranted. Tell his mother to never contact you again. Use the caller ID feature if you have it.
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Honey, don't panic. I'm sure it freaked you out, but she was trying to find her son who is out of your life but not out of hers and he's missing so she's searching and using any contact she can think of. If you haven't talked to her in years and don't have anything to do with her son then I sure she was at the end of her options and just trying to find him. I wouldn't worry about it, and it really doesn't sound like she's trying to drag you into anything (from what you posted)....I think she just just trying anything and everything to find her son.
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it is painful to keep coming here for you guys to help, but you do help.
The ex is in jail and and not getting out any time soon. Family and friends all found him, drove drunk again, God bless he still has not killed anyone,
I thought he was dead and was not sure how to deal with that.
I fell off the wagon.
Damn. DAMN IT!!!
Drank a 12 pack.
I am not having fun though, I am sick as a dog and my eyes may or may not be bleeding
Pulse off the charts.
Im sorry you all for drinking
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So funny how you may possibly have anything to do with her son being a failure........And why did she hate you, ever? Obviously you were to good for him and all the extra baggage! Keep your head up, either change your phone no. or put a block on your line, and don't look back!
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