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moma grey had her babies five months ago. we only kept two and she still nurses them. sometimes she'll kick them off but most of the time not. should we be worried about this? i'd have thought she'd have weaned them by now...
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Five months? That's the longest I've ever heard of. Usually, when they get teeth, mom get pretty tired of them.

Are you sure they're actually nursing, and not just sucking? Some kittens will develop that habit on any number of things, including other kittens.
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They are probably just suckling, if mum didn't like it she would get them off of her.

I know 7-9 month olds still with their mums who will suckle given the chance, so it's not unheard of at all.

Hopefully everyone is spayed/neutered by now, if not please get it done soon If you've kept a boy he could mate with the mum, and girls will be in season soon if not already.
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nah, no worries - let nature take its course - my feral mom was still nursing her two at around 5 months - and that was after they were all neutered and spayed
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You all may have read that I now am fostering a mom with 3 kittens. I thought the kittens were between 6-8 weeks old (I can't get ahold of them to inspect them better). Anyway, I've had them since Sunday, and thought they were weaned (they've been eating solid food, and lots of it). Anyway, I heard some very contented purring from under the bed. I peeked, confirming my suspicions--I think they were nursing.

My question is: on the average, how long does a mother cat nurse her kittens? Thanks.
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