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Toy Ideas/ Recommendations?

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Hi, I am in need of toy suggestions. Oh, Ricky bobby has toys plenty of them. Thing is, he LOVES to play fetch. It is his obsession, he will bring you anything that is small/light enough for him to pick up and carry. So that's about ALL of his toys. Balls, mice, feathers toys, cat nip filled toys, everything, even things that aren't his toys, that he has learned to get out of a drawer in the kitchen, like scotch tape rolls, pens, rubber bands, and the list goes on. So any little toy we buy for him he tries to play fetch with us. Oh yeah, it's cute, but can be annoying some times when you just want to rest, or a occupied doing something else. So do ya'll have any suggestions for toys that would be impossible for him to try to play fetch with? I'm looking for some toys that are "alone time" toys for him, that he can play with by himself. I love the heck out of him, but when I'm cooking it's very hard to play fetch with him, also when I'm cleaning, reading, or doing my homework for college, and it can get a bit irritating. It gets to DH the most, I deal with it, lol. Can y'all help me out. Thanks!

Oh yeah, I've got him a couple of those toys that hang from a string and you put it on a doorknob. Didn't last long, he knocked it off of the doorknob and dragged it to DH to play fetch.
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Hm, hard balls that can't be picked up are harder to fetch. But unless they're tied to something, I think you're going to be out of luck. Do he have a nice cat tree? If so - maybe put it in front of a window. Winter coming again (I don't know how much "winter" you get) it will soon be a good time to put out bird feeders again. If he doesn't have a tree, than price some.

You can also get cat trees with things hanging from them. Stuff like the turbo chaser type toys - scratchers with a ring around them that holds a ball, may work.

Unfortunately this is a fetching type toy, but you may try making your kitty one of these since he loves toys so much. My fetching cat absolutely loves them.
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Have you tried those springie things with a ball on the end that look sorta like palm trees? I second the recommendation of the zoomy ball-in-a-thing, but for the sake of your sanity, you should keep it as far away from your sleeping quarters as possible.
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There are a variety of toys you can try - Ba Da Beam, Turbo Scratcher, etc.

You can find toys like this or this. I have one of these foster kittens love. I've found ones like this some cats like & some don't.

Bergan, who makes the Turbo Scratcher, also has a new toy called Turbo Track.
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^My cats have never liked the toys on a spring type toys. Tomas was spooked by one when it flipped over on him (stupid tiny bases can't hold up against a cat's weight) and refused to go near it again.
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