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Daily Thread for Oct 17th.

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Morning All!!!!

Looks like I get to start the thread off this morning.

Sunny but really chilly here again today.

Have a few things to do today, groceries, library, pet store and so on.

Doing some laundry this morning so hopefully will get that all done up as well today.

I am thinking movie night tonight so I will have to stop by the video store as well.

The kitties are window watching this morning, tons of squirrels around right now collecting acorns from the oak trees along the street. Sure keeps them amused.

Everyone have a great day
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Morning everyone!

Finally, I get a weekend where I don't have to go anywhere or do anything. The past 3 weekends, I've had to go out of state for various reasons.

Right now, I'm sitting in the wait room at the car place, getting my winter tires on, oil changed, and inspection done. I'm watching Trauma on my laptop while waiting. It's really good this week.

Going to our storage unit, then to a bunch of stores. We were supposed to have our second round of engagement pictures done tomorrow, but it's supposed to rain, so we're going to a large bridal show instead. I heard from one of my co-workers, who used to be a wedding planner, that it's usually a good one.

Have a good day everyone!
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We've got regular Fall weather going here. It's about 50, but it looks like it's going to be sunny today. My apartment holds heat really well, but it's down to 66 inside, so I'll probably have to fire up the heater tonight. I changed sheets and put a blanket on my bed for the first time this morning.

I'll be heading over to my parents' house after I get a shower. I'll do my laundry there and I'm also going to take my laptop and work on my proposal some. I think my dad will be grilling steaks for dinner. After I get home, I'll do some more work and then probably watch a little TV and enjoy some wine.
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Good afternoon. (Well, it's ten minutes until noon here). Nice cool clear weather here today. Not doing much except probably going out to lunch until tonight when I'm going to supper and a movie with a friend.
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Day is almost over thankfully.

I is sick Hopefully today will be my worst day and I feel better tomorrow.

The sun was out for a bit and we actually reached 10C (prolly higher, but thats what my thermometer says now).

I opened a couple of the windows to let some fresh air in.

Time to medicate the kitties and myself

Have a nice evening.
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A lazy afternoon here and I'm lapping it up with my 10 month old baby girl Tales. She's so cheeky - she's living in my room at the moment, while I'm testing her for food allergies.

I'm working on two assignments today - one is a Legislation essay due Wednesday and the other is a small write up for a group assignment due Thursday. I can do it.

It's nice not having work/classes/cat shows today, but I cannot let the day pass me by.

I hope everybody has a nice, relaxing weekend.
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