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Dewormers... um.. help?

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Ok. So before anyone says "GO TO A VET" please hear me out.

So I have my 10 year old. I always thought she was just fat and happy, and honestly, I'd rather her be fat.. and happy. It wasnt until I took Louie to the vet for the first time that they pointed out that the big round tummy (and the retraction from touching it) was not just being fat.. but worms. Louie was treated, and within the week his tummy swell went away.
I felt terrible.. Diamond has been carrying this around for a while. So here's the issue.
I'd like to treat her at home.. only partially for cost (the last time I took them in it nearly cost me $500! and a lot of it for things they did not need!!) but mostly because Diamond HATES to be touched by anyone she doesnt know. they tried to give her a fecal exam last time, and she cried bloody murder. She nearly wouldnt let ME touch her for a week afterwards.. I would hate to put her through that again.. plus she shares a litter box with Louie so it's hard for me to get a fecal sample that route.

So long story short.. is there anything I can do? I was thinking of getting Albon (which was perscribed to Louie and helped A LOT) or Strongid (also perscribed to Louie) but they are selling for nearly $100 each online..

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What kind of worms did she have?

You might ask your vet for Drontal. Or buy it online; it costs about $7 per tablet.

It supposedly treats all the common worms, hook, tape, and round.
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Please do talk to your vet. You have no way of knowing if the meds that need a prescription would be the legit, not outdated, or the correct concentrations if you buy them online.

You can't just dose, either. You have to know your cat's weight to begin with.

A fecal can be skipped. Roundworms would show up, but tapes usually don't. If one of the cats in your home had worms, chances are the other does as well. And you may have to retreat the other cat now since it was exposed to another cat carrying them. Again, talk to your vet. You could probably get the one cat retreated (if the vet felt this was necessary) and have the other cat checked up and weighed. Make sure your vet knows Diamond dislikes strangers and that you want her handled as little as possible.

Very skittish cats, semi-ferals, and even ferals should be nothing new to vets dealing with cats.

Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
You might ask your vet for Drontal. Or buy it online; it costs about $7 per tablet.

It supposedly treats all the common worms, hook, tape, and round.
iirc you can get OTC praziquantel - droncit, commonly called "tape worm tabs". Drontal ((praziquantel and pyrantel pamoate) and Drontal plus (praziquantel, pyrantel pamoate and febantel) are still Rx only. The latter two are broader spectrum dewormers than the first.
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You really need to get to the vet for a proper diagnosis through a blood test or fecal test. This is one of those things you really can't treat at home unless you know what you're doing.
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I advocate for the vet, too. Let us know how it goes.
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It is really important to know what type of worms they were. However, you should be able to call the vet and ask - assume your other cats have the same worms. That said - you need to know the proper weight for your cat. Why not just talk to your vet and let them know the financial situation? You can weigh your cat by getting on the scale - then getting on holding your cat. As an adult, within a pound will be good enough. Let the vet know how much the cat weighs.

So Louie was given two different de-wormers?

Either way... $200 is a lot less than $500.

Also - if they were round worm, your kitty(ies) needs to be treated again in 2-3 weeks after the first treatment. Our vet always recommends 3 weeks, but I've seen others here have their vets recommend it after two. But the poison only kills the adult round worm, and if there's round worm, there's eggs to become adults. So it MUST be given at least one more time.

Unfortunately, "de-wormers" are not actually "medicine." They are poison, and if not administered properly, they will kill your cat(s).
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When affording the vet is a problem, often there are ways to do it:

Can't afford a vet? Please read!

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by LDG View Post
It is really important to know what type of worms they were.
It's not that important. If the intended treatment was to use a broad spectrum dewormer, getting a fecal wouldn't change that. Besides, I've had cats that have vomited roundworms test clean, too.

If a cat has been outside, been around another wormy cat, had fleas, or shows signs of being wormy - best to just deworm. You also have to clean, thoroughly. Deworming won't do any good if there's eggs around the house.

Do understand - I'm suggesting Diamond does go to the vet. I'm sure she's overdue for a checkup. But since she hates being handled, and a fecal will require that she is, that you ask the vet to skip that.
I'm not sure about costs there, but here a check up and deworming usually costs around $45-50.
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
It's not that important. If the intended treatment was to use a broad spectrum dewormer, getting a fecal wouldn't change that.
I'm sorry, I disagree. If it is tape worms, there does not need to be another treatment. If it is round worm, it does require another follow-up treatment in 2-3 weeks, or this treatment was a complete waste of money.

If the OP is dead set against taking his/her cat to the vet, I meant the vet should be called to find out what type of worms were found in Louie, so the appropriate treatment be given to Diamond - and follow-up treatment be given if necessary to both.
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Pyrantel is a common thing that rescues, in my area, give. Its pretty safe, IMO a little hard to overdose, and can be purchased at feed stores, or any store that deals with livestock. Most of the time its pretty cheap. Possibly can be found at pet stores. But either see or consult the vet before you go that route. I don't think albon is usually used for parasites. Strongid is pyrantel but may be more expensive than other brands.
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Per my vet:
If they share litter boxes, you can collect one sample of one cat, as most likely all cats will have the same issues as far as worms.
You can stalk your cat by the litter box to get a sample, clean up any litter from the poop and put it in a zip lock bag, and take it to your vet ASAP - I think within 2 hrs. Call them to see if you can freeze it, and about timing.
About Drontal: It is a great dewormer, IMO better than Strongid, since it also kills tapeworms, BUT you need to have the proper dosage, and for that you need to provide the vet with the correct weight...
If you have an understanding vet, you can take the stool sample in, give the cats weight, and get the proper dosage for drontal - this would cost in my vet:
$18 for the fecal exam, plus $13 for ea Drontal pill.... saving you some cash, and yet doing it in a safe way....
Vets are human beings and understanding... They know things are not easy these days...
Call your vet
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...but in some areas, round worm is resistant to drontal. They are around here (Northern NJ).
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well.... I guess the vet will say if that is that case (and if that shows in the stool sample) anyways...
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Originally Posted by LDG View Post
...but in some areas, round worm is resistant to drontal. They are around here (Northern NJ).
They're not in my area. Which is why different treatment is used here for roundworms than what you're posting for your area. Vets here always use drontal, one reason being that it's harder to overdose with (Something like 10 times the recommended dosage?), the other reasons being that pills store longer and it's often a lot easier to pill an animal quickly - especially if you have a cat that's learned to spit out liquid meds.

Again, moondio, don't forget you have to clean, clean, clean! Bleach out those litter boxes.
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...and don't forget - if it is round worm, the kitties will need to be treated again in 2-3 weeks, or the eggs will mature and without killing them, you're back to where you were (which is why I think it important to know what type of worm(s) you're dealing with).
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My vet is usually good with me bringing in a fecal sample and not the cat as I know the weights of my cats and she has their annuals to go by. Perhaps you can lock her in a room without Louie to use a clean litterbox and take that to the vet.

Please do not use OTC or online bought dewormers, cats can have allergies to the poisons in them, they do have dosages and I know of people who had cats die from mis-dosage of dewormers. As LDG said, some types of worms need reapplication of dewormers and like Louie, some need two different types as some worms are resistent to one of the dewormers.
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Oh and when you buy online you are buying a box which you do not need, the vet can prescribe just the dosage which may save you money. Call around too, some vets are much cheaper than others. So it may be cheaper to go to the vet and just get the dosage.
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Worms are not something you should treat on your own. Especially when you have multiple cats in the household. If one cat has the worms the other will more often than not. Both should be treated at the same time.

You can get one fecal sample. Doesn't matter who did it. Than have your vet prescribe your rx. If you treat on your own you could possibly kill your cat like the other poster said, or just end up treating them a million times because the worms never fully go away. In the end you will end up spending more time and money at the vets than if you did it right the first time.
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