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New Cat So Soon/How to Intro?

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Last April, I found a cat outside my workplace. The place is a natural area (Columbia Slough) next to the office park where I worked. It was raining buckets. I heard a VERY loud meowing. I though coyotes had a cat or cats were about to mate. It was that loud.

Turns out it was a pretty little female cat hiding under my car on the last three square inches of dry pavement. I knelt down and spoke to her - she talked back - loudly! She was not fond of the rain

She finally came out, wove through and around my legs and snuggled when I picked her up. To make a long story short, I took her to my brother and SIL's home. I just couldn't take her to my home with Sebastian being ill.

I found out about a month ago that they had never even taken her in to be checked for a chip. I just assumed they would. They have 6 other cats. I took her in, no chip. She appears to be about 2 or 3 years old. She has not had a heat cycle, they say, so they assume she is spayed.

The point of this post (and I do have one) is: now that Sebastian has gone to the bridge, I know SIL will start asking me to take this other cat. She says they have way too many cats - but they never take steps to have any adopted

I'm concerned for a few reasons:
Adult female cat with Daphne - I would hate to bring her home and have Daphne hate her My place is not big enough for two cats who hate each other. Have never had Daphne around a girl kitty so not sure how she would behave.

Since she is older, she may not want to play with Galahad. He really needs someone to play with. Daphne will let him chase her once in awhile but she will not tumble or play. She just smacks him a lot. I try to play with him but cannot play like he did with Seb. Galahad shouldn't have to live with two girls who don't like him

To introduce a new cat, I would have to leave her (new cat) isolated, alone, for 12 hours a day for four days a week in my small bathroom. Would that have adverse effect on her?

Should I bring another cat in so soon? Is sooner better than waiting? I have introduced kittens but I think kittens are easier than adult cats.

The other cat is a beauty and rather lost in the house with lots of people and 6 other cats. It is a large house, though. She is white with black tabby markings and beautiful amber eyes.

I would appreciate any input. I feel a bit overwhelmed at the idea of bringing another in but also feel guilty for dumping the cat on my relatives. Also feel bad that Galahad has no playmate.

(sorry this is so long! )
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The most important question you should ask yourself is how much do you want this cat?
The plus points are she seems to get along with people and cats, so she'll probably like Galahad and will not get too aggressive with your Daphne.
The negative points are those you mentioned in regards to introduction and space.
Good luck on whatever decision you make. i am rooting for the newcomer though
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After my Sadie crossed the Bridge, her 9 year old brother, a bit of a bully boy, became lethargic and depressed.

I soon realized that I needed a kitty companion for him so I decided to adopt a young adult female (2 yr. old) who liked other cats so she would not cower when Dexter tried to intimidate her.
Isolation was not an option for us because we live in a one bedroom apartment.

Because you are gone 12 hrs a day, that might present some unique challenges, but not unsolvable I would think.
Only you can assess your own tolerance for the temporary stress that comes with adding a new personality to your kitty mix.
If you decide to bring this new beauty into your home...
I would suggest that you have a back up plan in place, just in case this does not work out.

You might try to do scent mingling before you bring her into your home...
then introduce them on a weekend, when your are there to supervise.
Good luck and keep us updated please.
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