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My BabaGirl Patches

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You were so tiny, the night I found you in the rode. You
were already special and had my heart, when I heard your sweet voice. You had me at "meow" . You were never a bit of trouble, slept beside me, and I am going to miss you like you will never know! I told you when you crossed the bridge to meow for Scream, and GiGi, Love, and Doc, for they will be there, and for ya'll to wait for me! That was the hardiest thing I have done was letting you go my babagirl! I am still saying "Where the Patchzz at?" I know
now you aren't suffering! I know now where you are, so chase GiGi, Scream, Love and Doc, and when you hear me at the bridge, hollering, "Where the Patchzz at?" I want to hear your precious meow! God bless you!! He blessed me the day I found you!!
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with your friends, Patches.
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I'm very sorry for your loss

Play happily over the bridge Patches
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I'm so sorry for Your loss. Rest in Peace Patches.
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Patches is with all her friends. It is quite a reunion! Play at the bridge sweetie!
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Just a note of "Thanks" for all of you who responded to my tribute to
Patches! I really appreciate all of your kind words for me and for her!
I have always said, "TheCatSite" has the greatest people on earth that
are members! You all have been a comfort to me, through this horrible
time! Thanks again! Patches is the one in the pictures of my cats icons.
(above) in the last (sixth) window.

Monique- CarWashCats
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I'm so sorry for your loss of your beloved Patches. It's so hard when they leave us. But they are waiting for us on the other side, this I know.

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My heart goes out to you.
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Monique i'm so, so sorry Your baby girl will be happy and healthy once again at the bridge

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