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Urgent Cat question

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I have a 5 1/2 year old DSH. I feed him a wet and dry diet of wellness food. He is drinking regularly as well as eating. No frequent trips to the bathroom. I've checked the litter box after he went I saw pee and no sign of blood poo looks regular.. but he keeps licking his penis, and it was sticking out. The first three times he did it he did a strange meow. After he has just licked. I haven't gotten a look to see if the tip is red or if I see a crystalization. Any suggestions on what this could be? Or why? It's been about 15 minutes since he has done it, but I am concerned. I don't think it's a unirnary infection.
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I think it's the start of a UTI. There doesn't have to be blood in it or crystals for there to be a UTI. Since he is pooing I don't think he is having a constipation issue (this can make them leak urine). Take him to your vet as soon as you can to get a UA. I wouldn't freak out or worry yourself to death. I think he is ok, but I'm not a vet. Just get him in as soon as you can. That way if it is UTI it's better to catch them at the beginning.

Oh, and the penis thing. They can get stimulated at the same time that they are licking themselves due to the burning and/or being wet from urine or being uncomfortable.
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