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Tiki Cat?

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Anybody heard of it or tried it? I saw it for the first time today at the specialty store where I order Luna's food from. As mentioned in the other thread, I only picked one flavor - the Koolina Luau - which was the only non seafood flavor because of Luna's allergies. Even though the food will only be fed to TC (Luna is supposed to eat duck) sometimes she will try to finish off what he won't eat (he doesn't always finish his wet in one sitting) when I'm not looking, and so I have to pick a food that won't have too bad of an allergic reaction on her. Because of past occurences, seafood flavors - especially salmon- are no-nos. If I don't lock one up while the other is eating (I try to feed both at the same time for this reason), they will wait for the moment the other cat walks away from the food and start eating it.

link (cat food is halfway down the page):


I would copy and paste the specific food (Koolina Luau flavor), but the page won't let me.
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Yes - aside from this flavor (Bugsy is allergic to Chicken ), Tiki is pretty much his wet food, especially Molokai Luau, Tahitian Grill, and Bora Bora Luau. Awesome food, Bugsy says two paws up!
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tried it .. will use in small amounts when on sale ... solid food just not a great fit with my ph boys
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Mine absolutely love it and get the shredded chicken as a treat sometimes, but its too pricey for me to feed regularly.
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Our feral when he showed up, but soon to be domesticated cat, Marlow, has enjoyed many meals of Tiki Cat. I'm certain that this and other high end foods have contributed to his progress. Also, I used Tiki Cat lobster to distract him while I treated him with Advantage Multi yesterday.
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