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Unusual behavior

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One of our cats has developed quite the unusual little quirk lately. A couple of weeks ago, I started finding soaking wet socks laying on the floor. Then it graduated to soaking wet mail, pictures, other small items of clothing and of course, socks. Turns out, our cat Tigger, finds these little "treasures" by digging through laundry (clean or dirty - doesn't matter) knocking magnets down, pictures and all, off the fridge, and knocking mail and other "goodies" off countertops. He then takes his "kill" (I assume?) to the kitchen and drops it into his water bowl. Once fully immersed, he drags the sopping wet item out into the living room or dining room and leaves it in the middle of the floor. It's quite comical watching him drag an obviously heavy soaking wet hand towel however the floor is staying unusually wet these days! LOL! I'd really appreciate any thoughts on Tigger :o)
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LOL! I would give him an A+ for ingenuity! The only better story I ever heard was about a cat who took sopping wet pieces of paper up on the refrigerator and dropped them down on the dog when she passed by! LOL
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You don't happen to live in Germany, do you? Somebody on a German forum described very similar behavior on the part of one of their cats. It started with toys, and progressed to anything "handy" enough to carry. A couple of people replied that their cats soaked toys. Sounds like fun!
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Your story reminded me of my friend whose cat Inge loves the Hartz Mountain Bat-A-Bout toys called "Batty". In fact, when "Batty" was recently discovered floating face down in Inge's water bowl, it was determined that he needed to go into Rehab. Yes, indeed - it was time for the "Batty Ford Clinic".

My friend emailed me frantically saying that Inge was simply beside herself and could not be consoled as Batty was her favorite, and asked if I had any grocery stores out by me who still carried the now-no-longer-made toys.

Well, thankfully, I was able to find 10 of them. And so all 10 Battys are now safely arrived in Florida, and little Inge is once again happily drowning them several times daily in her water bowl.

The original Batty has been deemed acceptable to be re-introduced back into polite society and Inge couldn't care less as she now has 10 others to be concerned with.

Gotta love em!

Gaye Flagg
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My Fred does the same thing! Usually it's pantyhose, undies, socks, toys, the tie for my robe, etc., etc. He seems to love to play with my clothes. For some reason, anything he wants to play with needs to be dunked and then played with some more. Worst part is when he brings one of his soaking-wet playthings to bed (my bed!) in the middle of the night.
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That's interesting to know there's others out there! (I am in FL, USA by thy way). Nice other cat lovers appreciate the humor! When he fist started doing this I just had to tell everyone and of course they look at me like I'm nuts - well I'll just have to invite them over and let them slip on all puddles in the house LOL! Luckily, he hasn't made his way into my bed yet with the sopping goodies. He mostly likes to just leave them in the middle of the living room - I just can't wait for the mold to set in the carpet (hee hee). It's cute though (sighs).
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