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question about Kilz primer

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My boyfriend and I are in the midst of painting our new apartment. Our friends who used to live in the apartment had a cat who peed all over two carpeted room. It was so bad that we ended up have to rip up the carpet (the most disgusting experience of my life...) and even after cleaning the floors, the stench was still prevalent. Our landlord suggested that we prime the floors with Kilz primer... it's this absolutely horrible smelling primer... but it's supposed to kill all odors and whatnot.

My question is, if I bring Marshmallow into the apartment before the floors are carpeted, will the Kilz be harmful to her if she say, ends up licking it? We thought it might be a good idea to try and bring her in before the two rooms got carpeted because if she does have fleas, we'll have two uncarpeted room to contain her in. Help, please!!!
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I have no idea, but it you still have the can I would either call the company or Poison Control and ask them.
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Kilz is evil. I had to prime a closet (a small one) with that stuff. I killed about half my brain cells doing it. :o) My suggestion, don't let the kitty near the stuff. It will get rid of the odor but i don't trust it around kitties. They seem to be so much more sensitive and i know I got high off the stuff. I'd hate to see what it would do to a cat. The chemicals still stay in it and the cat could be affected, I would wait.
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Kilz does work very well for saturated plywood that is underneath carpet. Before moving into an apartment, we had to do the same thing. I wouldn't take Marshmellow until it's carpeted. The smell won't last forever but she might lick it. Be sure to open windows and use fans to get the smell out faster.

Have you checked her for fleas? If she has them, start treating her now.
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No, we haven't had Marshmallow checked for fleas yet. I have to wait until I move into my new apartment to try and trap her because I can't have pets at the place where I live now, so I wouldn't have anywhere to keep her. The smell was horrible, but it is actually airing out quite quickly... we've been really lukcy with that and all of the other paint smells. I'll try reading the label, calling poison control... we have some throw rugs that we can put down, but if it's dangerous, we'll just wait for the carpeting... I'm just so anxious!!!! Thanks! ::
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I just wanted to add if you do start treating Marshmallow for fleas, please do not use any flea treatments sold over the counter, they may cause harm to your cat. Only use the flea treatments recommended by your veterinarian. (Examples: Frontline and Advantage)
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That stuff is nasty, but works excellent. After I got my house the master bedroom was nicotined BIGTIME from a heavy smoker. I painted the whole bedroom with Kilz...the smoke never bleed back through. This was 15 years ago, and I remember having the windows wide open in January in Michigan, it was like 10 degrees outside...Brrrrrrrrr
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For a full parasite remedy try Revolution as it kills earmites as well as fleas and is supposed to get rid of several types of worms as well. It is drops that go on the back of the neck and can be picked up through your vet. A fecal test as well as blood work to check for contagious illnesses is also in order!
Good luck with your new place!
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