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Back from my job interview

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I'm back from my interview! I have no idea how I did

I was a blt blindsided by the interview. I haven't interviewed for a nursing job in something like 15 years and it seems the process has changed. They are now done by panel interview meaning that you sit in front of 2 or more nurses who take turns asking you various questions ranging from general to nursing situational, and you have to respond. Your answers are then given a score and the highest score plays a role in who gets the job. Obviously references and qualifications too. I know I nailed the references and qualifications. But I'm so not sure about the interview itself.

One thing in my favour! I showed up for the interview sick with a really bad cold, and the nurses interviewing me were also sick with a cold, so we were all coughing, sneezing and blowing our noses! We had some good casual interaction as well, and some laughs. So hopefully I came across as easy going and likeable.

They will make their decision today sometime and let the winning candidate know next week.

I so hope I get the job! The hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 4:15pm, with 2 days of clinic with my very own Oncologist that I will be working with exclusively. On those days if the clinic runs longer I will be expected to stay but that would only be until about usually 6pm at the latest. The other 3 days I would be doing various nursing tasks and seeing patients for nursing assessments and contacting patients by telephone for follow-ups and fielding phone calls from patients who are having problems or needing to make an appointment etc.

This job sounds like it was made with me in mind! I hope I get it. Please send lots and lots of TCS vibes!!!
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It sounds like your interivew went really well despite your surprise!

Good luck and I hope you get that phonecall!
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i bet you breezed it hun
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I bet you did great and lots of that you get the job!
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Good luck!
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More good luck vibes for you!
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Think positive always my friend......Don´t give up altought the desicion will be not satisfactory....

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Best of luck - and, even if you don't get this position, the up side is that you've had practice with the interview protocols, and were able to project an upbeat attitude even with a cold!
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Sending vibes for this job Linda!

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Sending plenty of good luck!
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It sounds like a great job! Good luck!
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When I've interviewed for a nursing position I was only interviewed by the supervisor. I think I would be intimidated if I had more than one face staring at me. I'm sure you did great. Sounds like a great job and one I would enjoy having myself. I hope you get it!
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Good luck, and many "get the job"
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Good luck. Hope that job is yours.
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I'm sure you did great Linda! Sounds like an awesome job custom made for you. Many, many going your way.
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Sounds like the perfect job for you, lot's of good luck vibes coming your way...
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