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juvenile delinquent no eat wet now

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my 1 yr old is barely eating his wet food wellness beef and chicken
wont touch his former love natural balance duck and pea
I called his vet and she suggested back to dry
he is eating the dry
Its not as though he is spoiled if I add some samples of stella and chewys beef treats hell eat that
I bought some expensive evo chicken and turkey now he likes that better than wellness
however hes still picking at the wet he used to eat his whole meal before
I left for the day

how neurotic can he get me
I am ready for the vet
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try something different...ie fish maybe
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Just because it's expensive doesn't mean the cat wants it inside him. I have tried premium brands with Da Lip (Da Magpie isn't fussy) and he regards most such offerings as poisoning the cat, and the proffered goodies end up in the barn cats. Experiment with brands, even the generic store stuff if need be. Try different kinds - paste, chunks and gravy, shreds and gravy, any form you can find. I messed around a lot with Da Lip before I found something he can manage (no bottom lip, he came to me with a huge scab where that lip used to be) and that is Friskies Shreds and Gravy and now Prime Cuts; regular chunks are too big, and he just cannot manage paste style very well at all, no matter how I break it up - he just makes a huge mess of it, and looks for 'real' food.

So, experiment with different forms and flavours, you will eventually hit the right one
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My picky eater, Dory, is refusing wet food unless I toss in a handful of kibbles. So I toss in a few kibbles. Only then will she eat her wet. Sometimes, she stops and won't continue until I add in more kibbles. I know this isn't ideal, but at least she's eating the expense can food...
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