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Ok..So Ive had this problem before Hercules got neutered. He likes to chase Fatman from the kitchen to the bedroom at full speed, and for a fat cat Fatman is a speedy guy, but when Herc catches Fatman it was an all out fight! Now since getting neutered Hercules has gone from just a full out chase to actually STALKING Fatman..I watched him last night in full out stalking mode around the living room, around the wood stove, thru the kitchen to the back of the couch and then down the hallway...Herc did this while he was crouched down his tail was all the way out (like my doxie when he catches a scent) and his eyes were in a dead stare. I was hoping this behavior would chill out when we got Herc fixed but it almost seems to have escalated. Fatman and Hercules are His/Hers cats, Hercules is my baby and Fatman is a daddys boy and they both receive equal attention from both of us and they also have their own sides of the bed Fatman with BF and Herc with me.
I dont know what is going on with Herc, if its jealousy of some sort or if its just him being a 2 yr old goofball going thru some teenage anxiety. Fatman is going to be 5 (Oct 30th) and he doesnt have any interest in playing with toys or anything he just wants to eat sleep and potty (hence the reason hes BFs cat lol they are two peas in a pod) But Herc has become more playful more lovey and just more cat since being fixed......Could this be part of the issue!?!?! I think I need the cat version of Dr Phil for my house!!!

Any advice, thoughts, or ideas welcome!!!!

P.S.....All are very healthy
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and the stalking still continues..The only thing that seems to stop him is if someone starts chasing Hercules then he is focused on playing tag instead of Fatman!
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Sounds like normal play to me. How old are they?
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Hercules wants to play. The chasing games might actually be good for Fatman, if he is overweight! The more he moves and plays, the more interested he will be in moving and playing.

If they are tumbling together, unless you are seeing fur flyor injuries, it is most likely play, even then. Even if you hear a lot of hissing and growling, my cats are very vocal when they play Chase Me Chase You and Tumble.

You can take the pressure off of Fatman by giving Hercules a lot of vigorous interactive play with you.
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We have tons of toys jingle balls..Da Bird and some fox tail type thing to play with him. He doesnt want anything to do with any toys but the Auntie Em catnip toys and thats only for about 5 minutes till he passes out from being nipped out! I thought it was just regular play but it has gotten BF jumping to Fatmans defense because Fatman makes that much of a ruckus over it. And in general Fatman is a cry baby he yells meows, and yowls over every little thing you do. Heaven forbid you move with him next to you because he glares and yowls at you. Im going to have to go on a toy hunt I guess and try and get something that catches Hercs interest. Any ideas??!! He doesnt like mice, jingle balls, or Da Bird!!
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Oh Fatman will be 5 October 30 and Hercules will be 2 Thanksgiving Day...hence the reason I thought it might be the old man griping about the teenager being a nincompoop
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Do you have a cat tree for Hercules to climb and jump on to help expend his energy?

Also cardboard boxes. Cats love cardboard boxes. One with low sides for chewing (flaps removed), and one with flaps, turned on it's side to make a Fort.

Newspaper Tents are fun too. And Catch the Bump Under the Rug. Wiggle a stick under a rug or newspaper. Or s-l-o-w-l-y drag the string under until just the tip shows. Orr none of it shows, Tolly prefers his prey to be not showing at all, Mazy and Jennie like to see the tip.

The most popular toys in this house are crumpled paper balls. I use the envelopes with the cellophane windows, they are wonderfully crinkly!

Sometimes it takes time to find out just what Game they love. If you watch them carefully they do try to tell us thick hoomins what Games they really want to play.

Mazy will go sit by the stairs to tell me she want's to play Chase the String On A Stick Up and Down the Stairs (I stand midway down the stairs, the wand toy is very long)

Tolly will chase his fur mouse up and down the stairs a couple times, then bring it to me, so I know to throw it for him.

My Jennie has been here two years. She tends to chub, so I try to keep her active, but it's been an uphill battle. She'll chase a crumpled ball once or twice, or bat at the string on a stick, then lie down and roll over.

She's always been a Make the Bed Helper though, and one day recently I finally got the message she's been trying to give me about what is her favorite Game.

She likes to chase her String, on the BED. As long as she is on the bed she will make amazing leaps and rolls and everything in between, chasing after her String. and it has to be this one particular boot lace, nothing else will do.

Ever since I finally figured out what she likes, she has stayed as fit and trim as I could ever desire. She plays that Game every night for about 10 minutes. Occasionally she likes variations, but always on the bed, and always with her Boot Lace.

In short, it takes time, patience (and mind reading ) to find the right Games for some cats.
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By the way....Jennie recently discovered that if she keeps her claws IN, she can slide across the duvet when she pounces. This has added even more fun and interest to the Game!
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Right now the only thing Herc plays with is the other cats. Fatman being his favorite target. I constantly catch him and GiGi playing on the kitchen table with one on a chair under the table and the other on top of the table and them swatting at each other...*This is what Im currently watching.* As for toys he doesnt go for much he doensnt even like playing catch the wiggly feet under the covers game. I have a giant entertainment stand (homemade out of old rough cut barn wood oak I believe) that Herc loves to hide on and pounce on whoever happens to walk past. It also has double as a scratching post (It has stopped the couch scratching completely)
We dont have a cat tree but I do have a 2 story condo type thing that Fatman and GiGi hide or play in all the time but Herc showed no interest in it. He more or less stays in his window, the kitchen table, or one of my book shelves by the wood stove. I think Im going to order more Auntie Em toys and see if some of them might help catch his interest more than what we have now.

**Zooooommmmmm there went Herc after Fatman funny to see a fat cat run that fast just to get away from someone trying to play with him**oops they woke BF up must have jumped on the
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It sounds like Herc wants Fatman to be his friend. I wouldn't really worry about it unless the growling/hissing gets too out of hand or Fatman gets hurt. Hannah is constantly smacking Callie, who's a hisser. I've learned to come to Callie's defense only when it gets really out of control and Callie really doesn't want to be bothered. However, it's really funny when Callie wants to play and Hannah doesn't! (Turnabout's fair play!)

Btw, Callie is 13 and Hannah's 4.5. It's been very good for Callie to get up and get her bod moving. She's much more mobile now, has a better appetite, her bowel movements are more regular, and Callie's slimmed down.
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Fatman is a big fat baby! He throws a hissy fit about everything from someone sitting in his spot on the couch to Franklin trying to chase him with Hercules! But he really is a drama queen because when I got home from work tonight Hercules and Fatman both came running to the door but heaven forbid Herc get to close because Fatman whacked him right on top of the head!
Well I guess two outta three aint bad. Atleast Hercules can play with GiGi
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I just ordered some new toys from Auntie Em....I got another buddy and catnip crazy for Herc to play with..I couldnt leave Franklin out though had to get him a ginormous rope toy to play with!! lol.. So hopefully some of these will help Herc get his attention off Fatman
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